Bajaj Pulsar seems out of shape

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 Bajaj decided to do the DTS-i thing and while at it decided to tweak the handling.

It's the thing with automotive design. Mess with an original (update it,Guest Posting that is) and it is highly unlikely to get something better. take for example the Bajaj Pulsar. The original had this fronmt heavy scrambler styling. Lokked like a dream and handled like a nighhtmare.

A longetr swingarm was called for and the guys at Pune sort of pulled the rear wheel back, by quite a bit that is. Handling improved, but the bike - when viewed in the side profile - looked like a chop jobbd limo. Crisp styling watered down.

Now Bajaj has decided to put 17" shoes on the Pulsar. The smaller wheels - striking alloys they may be - look completely out of place as the company has decided not to tweak anything in the Pulsar's body job to match the smaller wheels. Result - is the yawning gap between the front wheel and front fairing.

Reminded me of the Street Hawk half-baked fairing job in the TV series. But why 17" wheels in the first place. True the globe revolves around 16-17" wheels but in the case of Bajaj it was more supplier driven than performance driven. The Discover already has 17" alloy wheels.

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