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The article is related to Motorbike or Scooty, and we will try to understand which is the best scooty in India. If we are planning to buy any bike or scooty so which types of point should be keep in mind.

In our daily life,Guest Posting we usually go to the market to purchase groceries, green vegetables and other necessary stuff, but as we move around the market, these bags filled with groceries/vegetables will get heavier. It is not possible to carry these things alone on a bike but Yes! It is easier to carry on Scooty without anybody's help. Do you know how? If not! Let me take charge and tell you that the scooty has a footboard to keep your heavy bags, you can even keep other stuff in the large storage under your seat, and can keep your full face helmets and other small bits and bobs. So What! Let’s identify the Best Scooty in India under your budget which you can buy and can make your daily life easier. Now let’s go through best scooters listed below: 


  1. Honda Activa 6G is known to be the most dependable scooter in the eyes of Indian Family. There must be concrete reasons behind this reliability! The reason is nothing but the fuel efficiency of 45 KMPL, it extracts the power from 110 cc single-cylinder engine and most importantly it has pocket friendly price of Rs.65000 (showroom price).
  2. TVS Jupiter came up as most selling scooter in Indian with over 50k sales per months, this is all because of TVS’s Hardworking and dedicated team of research and development at Hosur near chennai, who have made this scooter authentic in term of fuel efficiency of 50 KMPL, where it glean the power from 110 cc single-cylinder engine and most of all it again has reasonable price of Rs. 50000 (Showroom Price).
  3. Honda Activa 125 is not a knave of introduction; it has made its identity in India, with among top 3 most selling scooters in India. Indian families are very clever at choosing fuel efficient and cost effective things, where Honda Activa 125 lives up to our expectations, with fuel efficiency of 40 KMPL having a strong engine of 124 cc. 


  1. TVS Scooty Pep+ is well designed for the girls of 18 years and above. This is among the most pocket friendly scooters of Rs.54000 (Showroom Price) with the fuel efficiency of 60 kmpl with the small 87.8 cc single-cylinder engine. It has a fuel tank capacity of 4.2 ltr. It is found that this scooty sold around 10k in just a month and it’s not hidden that this scooter proved to be the best scooter in India for beginner female riders.  

Let’s arrive at the Conclusion. We have identified a few scooters in India, which have been trending from the last 4 to 5 years, we also have dig out the few features of those scooters, noted that, the vehicles which have highest features have less fuel efficiency and price is also high accordingly on the flip side the vehicles with less features have high fuel efficiency and price is low in the same way. So we can conclude that the Best Scooty in India is Honda Activa 6G as this scooty has fuel efficiency of 45 KMPL and is cost effective as well, compared to other scooters listed above.

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