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BMW convertible tops are manufactured with exacting specifications starting with an uncompromising attention to detail, engineering and quality.

Older model BMW convertible tops were a cloth or vinyl soft top,Guest Posting which adds a higher degree of customizability for the vehicle owner from one of the world’s leading automobile brands, than do hard tops or newer retractable hard tops. Like their hard top counterparts, the soft top convertible tops or roofs are basically fixed to the vehicle by means of a metal top frame that is hinged and folds away behind the rear seats of a car into a convertible top boot. The convertible tops allow flexibility to the structure of the automobile. The automobile can be changed from a closed, confined vehicle to an open air one, usually at a push of a button.

Types of BMW convertible tops:

Of course, the type of convertible top you need is dependant on the type of vehicle you have. BMW developed a variety of convertible models over the years. One of the most popular BMW models with a soft top option is the BMW 3-Series for model years 1972 through 2006. Model years after 2006 have a retractable hard top option, which are more expensive and not as flexible in material and color choice as a soft top. There are also models that are standard with convertible tops such as the sporty and very popular BMW Z3 and M Roadster, and BMW Z4 and M Roadster.

With a BMW convertible top, soft top, you have a variety of color and material options when replacing your top compared to a retractable hard top. This gives you more flexibility in your budget by allowing you to change the material or color to customize your BMW.

Specifications of the different models

BMW 3-series: The BMW 3-series of 1987-1993 are available in three varieties of topping material - German classic, Twillfast II, and Stayfast. These BMW convertible tops have windows made of plastic usually with a green tint. The standard color options available are black, brown and blue, however more options are available at different price points. The BMW 3-series of 1994-1996 were originally manufactured with Haartz Twillfast II topping material. You should look for tops with factory plastic retainers attached, which makes installation easier. It is recommended that the tension straps are also replaced at the time of replacing the convertible top as these wear out. The BMW 3-series of 1994-99 variety has different headliners to choose from depending on the year, manual lock or power lock option on the vehicle, and top frame configuration. The headliners come in a charcoal (dark gray) shade and are available in a variety of patterns to fit two and three bow configurations and if the top is a manual or power lock. Some vehicles are equipped with an automated system, allowing the driver to close the top simply with the push of a button. Other models have a manual latching system, which must be operated by hand. The 2000-2006 series of BMW convertible tops have all the regular features of the earlier series, in addition to Haartz Twillfast RPC topping material. This has superior acoustic properties than the earlier Twillfast II.

BMW Z3: The BMW Z3 Roadster convertible tops, in the early models, had some design flaws that were corrected. Some of the design corrections included addition of relief pockets, a stiffener over the plastic window, and inclusion of elastic straps to provide extra support to the tension straps.

BMW Z4: The BMW Z4 series use the same Haartz Twillfast RPC topping material of the earlier series, and are available in three variety of colors, including beige, grey, and black.

So if you are the owner of a BMW car, you have plenty of choices to make it look unique and classy with the various convertible tops available. Sophistication, affordability, durability and style are the keywords of BMW convertible tops. Get one today.

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