Bubble Tea Toppings And Add-Ons 5 Popular Types To Try

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If you've ever seen a bubble tea store's menu, then you'll know that there are varieties of toppings you can order with your boba tea. Classic toppings like regular boba are available, and there are newer and exciting add-ons too.

The question of which is the best boba topping is subjective. But when it comes to which is the most popular add-on,Guest Posting it’s entirely different. Let's starts from here:


Tapioca boba / bubble pearls


Tapioca pearls are undoubtedly the most popular bubble tea topping. Tapioca pearl started it all, and it is one of the original topping loved by many. In other words, the tapioca pearl is the grandfather of all bubble tea toppings.


Made from tapioca starch, tapioca pearls are generally cooked in brown sugar to deliver a wonderful sweetness. If you're unfamiliar with Boba Pearls, below is a quick rundown! Bubbles are generally brown, chewy, have a great taste, and squishy in texture.




Recently, pudding is now a fan favorite of many tea lovers. The puddings can come in different flavors. For example, we've encountered flan, and taro flavored puddings in our boba when we visited one of the bubble tea stores in Dallas. Most of their pudding toppings are made with none dairy creamer, whole milk, and sugar.


Popping Bubbles


Regular boba and popping boba share only one similarity- the shape. Apart from that, they are entirely different from one another. Unlike the above-mentioned tapioca pearls, popping bubbles usually burst inside the flavored juice. Typical popping boba is fruit-flavored; recently, we've seen yogurt and coffee boba.


If you haven't tried it already, you might really like a delicious pop jelly bubble tea or pop boba tea. You can get that at a bubble tea store in Texas. You'll love popping boba because of the pleasant surprise you'll get when you pop one in your mouth as it splashes with refreshing flavor. Some of our top flavors include strawberry, mango, and grape.




Jelly flavors depend on individual stores, but there are lots of different jelly flavors. For example, fig jelly, herbal jelly, strawberry jelly, aloe jelly, and lychee jelly. The list goes on like that…


We love to add jelly as a topping to our favorite bubble tea drinks. It adds a nice extra kick of sweet fruity flavor.




Yes, you heard that, right! Beans are another popular boba tea add-on. We understand, it sounds nasty and kind odd, but it's really not! The beans used as boba toppings are not your regular beans. They are mung beans and red beans, with both considered in Asian culture as an excellent dessert topping.


Also called adzuki beans, red bean is made from its dried version, with sugar added for a sweet taste. Often, people describe red beans as being creamy, sweet, and has a grainy texture.


Also called green bean, mung bean has its flavor and texture remarkably similar to red bean. Getting bean toppings for your bubble tea comes with numerous benefits! For example, beans contain a rich amount of protein and fiber! So if you haven't tried any of mung or red been, we recommend giving it a try! Its sweet, healthier, and delicious.

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