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The BMW is a luxury vehicle that is German manufactured. Some of the current models included with this German made car are the 1-7 Series, the X Series, the Z3 and Z4 and the M models.

In 2004 the 1 Series BMW vehicles were launched and are and entry level sports car. This vehicle is available in a convertible or a coupe model (E88 and E82) and also the 3 door hatchback which are the E87 and the E81 models. If you like the 3 series,Guest Posting which is this German manufactures' smallest vehicle you will enjoy the station wagon, convertible, sedan or the coupe. Individuals that like a more progressive activity van will enjoy the 5 Series Gran Turismo or a sedan or wagon.

The 6 Series BMW is referred to as the grand tourer and was unveiled in pictures and information in September of 2010. The concept of the 6 series in the form of a coupe (F13) and the 3rd generation convertible (F12) was introduced in a Paris motor show and are scheduled to be released in the year 2012. The6 Series convertible was revealed in November 2010 and is powered by 2 petrol engines. In March of 2011, this German manufacturer released the details and pictures of the Coe and 4 months later the 640 model was introduced. The new 6 Series that are diesel powered have 3 liter straight six that give 313 horse power. In addition, you can now get the xDrive 6 Series in the 650i x Drive form.

If you are interested in the BMW 7 Series (F01), known as the "flagship" full-sized executive sedan you should note that this car is the revolutionary design of the prior E66 and the E65 models, yet more evolutionary. The front area of this vehicle gets its inspiration from the CS concept such as the resembles a more conventional look as opposed to a more controversial appearance than the car it replaces. In addition, the column mounted shifter has been moved to the mid console and the interior of the car has been reworked. Some features of the BMW X vehicles and the Z4 include:

• X1 -The sports activity and compact crossover SUV, present in 2009
• X3-The sports activity vehicle and the compact crossover SUV, present in 2010
• X5- The sports activity vehicle and the compact crossover SUV, present in 2006
• X6-Sports activity coupe, present in 2008
• Z4-Sports roadster, present in 2009

The M model vehicles are a more race ready type that encompasses award winning engines and a unique geometry. The new V8 powered model was first available in Europe of 2007 and the coupe was available in the U.S. in 2008 with the sedan and cabriolet introduced later. This vehicle is based on the 5 Series and the M5 is the division Ms V10 generated model that is of the 5 Series E60. The M6 is the version of M that resembles the 6 Series as it shares the drivetrain. The version of M that is similar to the X6 is the X6M and the version that is similar to the X5 is the X5M.

If you would like additional information on any of the above or additional BMW vehicles, you can contact a reputable dealership or visit the company's website. You can also call the dealership and speak to a representative and learn about the models they have available, price and financing options, locations, promotions and discounts and more.

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