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 In addition, through a Bluetooth connection, the vehicle computer can read the phone SD songs, some good songs on such a phone through the car machine free to play, but also equally applicable to the SRS audio processing, convenient enough!.

Few symphony written to the seventh movement,Guest Posting but the car is different, almost every best-selling models are a heritage from generation to generation and update. So when the Camry announced the launch of the seventh generation model is not surprising, and even some old models fatigued. For the shape of the new car is not difficult to guess, because we believe there will be many elements of China's national conditions used in the new car on the only thing that I feel some anxiety, Toyota consistently conservative in the model update style is able to bring more changes to the seventh generation Camry  Obviously the answer is self-evident, only the transformation of this style is quite soothing, like a symphony's Adagio transition.

Along with the seventh generation Camry listed on a grand, upstart car Airlines and health of the automotive electronics industry, tailored to the specific DVD navigation system with a steady pace for the seventh generation Camry, simultaneous listing. New design, dazzling rather than luxury, although it is not relying on a stylish exterior design to attract the user's design schools, the doctrine of the beauty of hand, to be his inheritance fusion of passion and ideas with the original car, seamless, filling the vehicle stable , the atmosphere, reflecting the owners of the inherent advantages taste.

8-inch screen in line with the delicate appearance of the original car style 16:9 high-definition digital touch screen is very clear in my opinion, this definition is like a crystal-clear, full texture, so I was somewhat taken aback. The screen smooth and stable operation, field testing, I also felt the touch screen responsive, smooth operation. Custom interface to drag and drop, commonly used icon set their own preferences, but a bit of regret CMMB digital TV requires optional control functions of the original cars.

Murray dedicated navigation search star of the seventh generation of models of car Air and health is also normal boot can work in about 30 seconds, but there is a Bluetooth dial-up, the call record query feature allows the author quite a good impression, it has a particular function - phone contacts download "function, Bluetooth wireless phone contacts downloaded to the vehicle computer, and the names and phone address book, automatic display of caller information when a call comes in, answer the phone free conversion from the vehicle computer to the phone, very convenient.

In today's era of car parking spaces are scarce, accurate parking has become pivotal. Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality. Car Airlines and health carefully considered for the consumer, in the seventh generation Camry simultaneous listing on a dedicated machine, of course, support Rear view camera, freely switch the camera images with the original car parkers handy to ensure that parking worries.

Host of car Air and health car, has been advocating the original car flavor perfect match, honorable rather than luxury, every detail is very humane, and excellence, so that the new modified seamless with the original car, the taste of people and vehicles life. Car Airlines and health of the seventh generation Camry dedicated machine loading effect glance, the perfect presentation in front of consumers. Always reflect the brand of car Air Kin philosophy: Gentleman, terrain-kun, the gentleman to Virtuous


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