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In the shopping plaza, a ready Qingming Festival go to the to Fushun pay homage to the parents of Mr. Zhao said his home is in Fushun, graduated from college came to Jinzhou, this year has been almost 60 years of age

The arrival of the Ching Ming Festival,Guest Posting more and more people travel, many people in the "Spring Tour" and "early spring tour" Qingming holiday arranged activities. The face of the year, the best outing season, merchants also have sights on the opportunities, the timely introduction of a variety of promotional activities for casual hikers. On March 26, the author found in a large mall, and many sports brand clothes, shoes began to be greatly reduced, some of the car by car supplies, such as: folding chairs, double tent, grill all placed in the most eye-catching position, and outdoor sports supplies "Qingming Festival" with fire.

Ching Ming Festival, Qingming is also the industry quietly appeared, the great variety of ritual supplies on the market, in addition to the traditional ritual, grave goods, car rental, hikers travel and also to "stick" solar terms. Experts said that the Qingming Festival is not only a sacrifice, grave, and rich cultural connotations, as long as businesses these cultural connotations and its environment, the industry, the products sold by the unique combination of, cultivate new consumption habits, available by the Ching Ming Festival to find new business opportunities.

April weather is ideal for the public to travel by car outing, flowers, picnic, enjoy the beauty of the time in the festival, the car "equipment" is very important. Tents, ovens, hiking shoes, jacket ... a shopping mall operating officer told the author that the weekend two days, all kinds of sports, outdoor products sales than usual increase of more than doubled. "Two days before the temperature has been low, those traveling by car commodity with the weather as sales in general, these two days the temperature rebounded significantly, plus shopping malls, major efforts to promotions, discounts, sales increased significantly the number of new products, refinement function by car enthusiasts alike. "

In the shopping plaza, a ready Qingming Festival go to the to Fushun pay homage to the parents of Mr. Zhao said his home is in Fushun, graduated from college came to Jinzhou, this year has been almost 50 years of age. Ching Ming Festival, going back to Fushun ancestors,Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality. by the way by car to the Fushun play Zhuliang Tian. This does not take advantage of weekend time to buy some outdoor supplies. In the interview, the reporter learned that, not only the popularity of some of the essential car automotive supplies, outdoor knives, barbecue stoves, tents and other equipment sales is also very good. As introduced by the operating personnel: in addition to wearing comfortable in outdoor activities, there are some handy little tool, you can expand the range of outdoor activities, to appreciate better the tour outing of happiness. "

The concept of the "Ching Ming Festival in the extension, the Qingming Festival is not only to pay homage to their loved ones as the weather warmed up, and some people will choose these days to travel. These commodities become one of our promotional focus." Manufacturers keen vision of the market took note of the tremendous business opportunities brought by the "Qingming Festival".

Ching Ming Festival, also led to some incidental industry heating up, car rental is one of them. Taking into account the comfortable and convenient, many people choose to rent a car to go back to the grave. Some car rental companies that currently received by the Ching Ming Festival, car rental reservation has been significantly more than usual, car rental, usually in the 250-350 yuan / day.

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