12 Car Logos With Wings

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This article explores car logos based on the wing symbol. Wings large and small, stylized and realistic… Badges of more than 10 car companies incorporate this symbol of speed.

Wings large and small,Guest Posting stylized and realistic… Badges of more than 10 car companies incorporate this symbol of speed.


The “V” shape in the middle of the logo is made in an upturned wing style and looks very much like simplified cartoon sketches of birds in flight. The emblem is supposed to stand for Mazda’s desire to soar into the future. The 3D silver oval symbol was introduced in 1997.


The logo comprising a winged shape with the word “Chrysler” in the center was created after Chrysler merged with Fiat. However, even the first version of the company’s emblem created in 1924 also had flanking wings. This logo was created by Oliver Clark, who was one of the company’s engineers.


In comparison with other automakers’ logos, Bentley’s emblem comprises one of the most realistic versions of spread wings. You can even notice a bird’s tail. This is one of the rare cases when logo doesn’t leave much room for misunderstanding. You may, for instance, remember the logo BMW has been having for several decades. It was considered to depict a stylized airplane propeller. It is only recently that the company explained that this was a mere coincidence, and in fact the logo wasn’t meant to represent a propeller.

Aston Martin

A pair of wings has been present in Aston Martin’s emblem since 1927. The company’s name set on the green background is located front and center of the logo.


The Skoda logo also has wings, but these aren’t wings of a bird. The emblem comprises a so-called winged arrow. In fact, it depicts an arrow and a feathered headdress of a Native American.


The Chinese car company SAIC-GM-Wuling sells commercial and consumer vehicles under the Wuling and Baojun brands. The five-diamond "W" logo brings to mind a stylized flying bird.


The “flying A” logo was purchased in 2015 by John Stubbs. He announced plans of reviving the company and manufacturing an all new Austin car.


A winged badge that Mini cars wear has the brand’s name in a circular central area. The emblem made in retro style reminds that the company has British roots.


The badge used by China's first domestic car maker represents a “flying” number one. The choice of colors reminds us that the auto manufacturer is a joint venture with GM.


The British luxury car maker’s logo represents wings with the company’s name written over it.


One more winged badge has the company’s name written on a blue cross in the center.


Although the company declares that the logo depicts twin dragons rising up, in fact it does look like wings.

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