Car Styling Ideas That May Floor You And Leave You Looking Dashing In Your Seat

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While many vehicle enthusiasts are looking for ways to improve their gas mileage and style out their exterior to look separate from the rest of the crowd, we think a lot can be done with the interior to make a stylish ride for all in the inside to enjoy. A few of the most sought after upgrades that I have researched online are floor mats, wood dash kits, and car seat covers.

One of the easiest ways to personalize your interior is to look no further than where you first step. Your floor mats are likely the original pair that came with your ride and by now probably look ragged and stained. Since floor mats are one of the very first things passengers notice upon stepping into your car,Guest Posting why not spend a couple bucks to get new ones?

The cost will likely be more than a few bucks, but for under $100, you can find all sort of heavy duty ones that will protect well in the winter, logo floor mats that you can slap a Ford logo on, carpet floor mats that can be color matched with your interior, and even diamond plate ones for the hardcore truck enthusiasts. The options are pretty broad and I found all sorts of sites online that offer great deals on floor mats. There were a couple brands that I noticed the most after reading customer reviews on some retail sites, and Husky, Weathertech and Lloyd were the most well-respected.

Now how about that area that you look at over and over while you're driving? Hopefully you do watch your speed from time to time and also make sure you're gas level is ok :)

What I found to be a popular upgrade was an aftermarket dash kit. Dash kits come in all sorts of styles and cuts and they can really personalize the look of your dash, so as the driver or as the passenger in your loved one's vehicle, you'll be riding in unique style. Most dash kits are custom fit and some go as far as including your vehicle logo in areas, so you truly can have that one of a kind 350z. I say that because my brother has a 350z... he tricked the performance out with a K&N intakes and Invidia Exhaust, and he loves his 350z carbon fiber dash kit that he got. It's a totally unique car.

The top quality dash kits that many people go for are the real wood kits. Many top of the line models come with wood dash kits, but if your vehicle is more stock in the dash area, go for a wood dash kit. The women will love it! Your boss and coworkers will surely be impressed as well on your next team outing for lunch :)

And how about that thing you're sitting on the whole time while driving? That's right, your seat! A replacement seat would be a large investment, but new car seat covers wouldn't and that's our final interior style recommendation. There are so many different styles of seat covers available, including sheepskin, leather, neoprene, cotton canvas, and the colors that you decide on can really personalize the interior look to your ride. They'll help serve other purposes as well, like protecting against ugly soda spills and dog hair that has been shedding for days all over your seats. New car seat covers will provide a fresh new look to your interior, and they are also a pretty cheap investment.

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Andrew Bernhardt

To sum it up, I think the top 3 interior style upgrades would have to be floor mats, car seat covers, and wood dash kits.

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