Commercial vehicles overseas business strategy implementation

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 Plan for SAIC Chase models in the future this system will be loaded (line wing pass), blue pine, said line wings

Market participants this analysis,Guest Posting the world premiere of the line wing through another interpretation of "international benchmarks" the SAIC Chase brands. SAIC commercial vehicles to speed up independent innovation, speed up the process to enhance the core competitiveness and international business, the line wing through the world's first episode, and they are being assembled wholly models will enable SAIC Chase competitiveness of the brand to further enhance the product and further demonstrates the value to further expand market coverage.

    In fact, in China's own car prices, SAIC is the first promotion of car networking technology, but also to promote the best, but this technology platform has been used in the Roewe and MG passenger cars products, and in commercial vehicles market, the industry the courage to do the car network, only a handful of SAIC Chase in the launch line-wing pass, have seen the future broad prospects for development  In this regard, the judgment of the blue pine, general manager of the Commercial Vehicles Co., Ltd. of Shanghai, the commercial vehicle industry has a great advantage, China's economic size, population size can provide a large market opportunity, market maturity is the same as other industries. may be two or three years to mature.

    Plan for SAIC Chase models in the future this system will be loaded (line wing pass), blue pine, said line wing pass the load will mainly consider two products, the first school bus, the second is Logistics cars. Blue pine pointed out that the national logistics industry faces four issues, including communication, vehicles and communication of information communication vehicles and cars, cars and material, vehicles and traffic information communication, and SAIC Chase is working with a number of national and global logistics companies on this application (the foreground is the product of Chase, the background is the service support system).

    Why take the lead in auto dvd and car dvd player cooperation with China Telecom, blue pine, line wing launched the first in the country knows no borders in terms of technology maturity, application platforms and technologies, but to go abroad and other operators, The key is to look at the customer's choice. There are already some overseas distributors of our products is very interested in the future be applied to overseas is just a matter of time. "

    Right now, the the SAIC Chase globalization strategy is progressing steadily. Recently, SAIC Chase and the Chile MotoresdeLosAndes car sales company signed a distribution agreement. The signing of the agreement, indicating that SAIC MAXUS Chase is about to pull it a prelude to the Central and South American market, SAIC commercial vehicles overseas business strategy implementation stride a firm step.

 Volkswagen Jetta into China from the low-key, pragmatic, very precise positioning market affordable by many white-collar workers of all ages; and detailed the car seat, air conditioning, navigation, configuration, so that more owners are willing to spend money on high with models; the configuration of the original car is the best, Sagitar owners have this old concept. The other hand more rational owners of the tangle, "I should spend two or three million to buy high with cars, or buy low-equipped vehicles to be retrofitted with it  Are most afraid of the installation of navigation, electric seats not to force."

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