Considerations While Buying a New Car in India

Jan 24


Rohit Kaushik

Rohit Kaushik

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When you plan to buy a new car, it is almost the same kind of advice everybody provides you. However


it is also important to plan your purchase according to several factors that may vary according to your lifestyle and location. If you are living in India,Considerations While Buying a New Car in India Articles then you might choose a car different from what you would have chosen if you lived in another foreign country. There are some factors that you cannot ignore to consider while buying a car in India. Check out some of these considerations so you may take a fair decision.

Check your budget

It is critical to consider the amount you are willing to pay for your new car. You may not like to check out an SUV when you have the budget for a compact car. Further, you need to consider your earnings before you finalize a car to own. It is not simply about buying a car, but you should also have the budget in future to maintain it. If you somehow afford a limousine right now, then it is not necessary that you would be able to maintain it over the years with your present earnings. Thus, budget becomes an important constraint while settling your mind on a specific car model. In case you decide to take a loan, check whether the EMIs would fit comfortably in your budget. Do not forget to count the interest on your loan.

Choose for your lifestyle

Your lifestyle in India may differ from the lifestyle of your friend living in America. Thus, it is essential that you study your lifestyle and make a car purchase to suit it. For example, you might drive your car on rough roads on a regular basis. While it may not happen with your friend, it is definitely a consideration for you while choosing the right car. You will require a sturdy vehicle that can take the strain of rough and harsh surfaces. A sophisticated or luxurious vehicle may provide comfort, but may not be able to handle the roughness. Thus, your better pick would be an SUV in that case. Look at all similar lifestyle factors that may affect your choice of a car.

Look at your needs

Your personal and family requirements matter a lot while selecting the right car. For example, you may easily go for a luxurious sports car if you are single and have a good budget to afford a car. This might suit your needs if you want a vehicle to display your social status. However, the same car would not suit your requirements if you have a family with kids. In that case, you might need a vehicle that could carry your kids to school, take you to a grocery store or pick up your parents from a home in a crowded street. You might not like to spend on and flaunt a sports car for these purposes. Therefore, it is always advisable to go per your needs.

Determine the required car features

Not every car owner may want to have the same car features. While your friend may be willing to spend on a sedan for his large family, you might want a compact car for your personal use. Thus, while you could do with four small seats, he might not. If you have long legs, then you might also seek more leg space in your car. A shorter person may not want that in his car. Similarly, you may look at various features, such as car mileage, engine power, safety techniques and other technical specifications. If you are unsure of the features to look for, then you may read some car reviews by experts. These reviews may help you in understanding and comparing varied features that can be important for a car buyer in India.

Look for right insurance/financing options

While buying a car in India, it is also important that you check for financial incentives and right insurance deals on new cars. If you are taking a car loan, then go for the source with the lowest interest rate. You should also check the service contract and extended warranty option. As Indian roads cause more wear and tear, it is helpful if you can get an extended warranty on your vehicle. When you have to make a choice among insurance providers, make sure to review their policies and insurance rates before taking a decision.