Ford Transit Connect Concept: Outside of the Box Thinking

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Ford is rolling out a new concept, the Transit Connect Family One. Will auto show visitors embrace the new car or not? We'll soon find out!

Ford Transit Connect Concept: Outside of the Box Thinking

When an automaker develops a concept vehicle they do so for a few different reasons among those to set the tone for future design language while attempting to measure public opinion. With the latter,Guest Posting if the customer doesn't like the vehicle, then it probably won't get built or at least some of the problems with its design will be identified and corrected.

This month, at the New York International Auto Show, the Ford Motor Company will be unveiling a passenger version of its new to America commercial van-truck, the Transit Connect. Sold for the past several years in Europe and elsewhere, the Transit Connect is being brought to the United States in order to help Ford fill a void in its commercial vehicle line up.

The Transit Connect's size is also making it an attractive vehicle for the family market, provided that the vehicle can be reworked accordingly. At the auto show, visitors will get a chance to see first hand what the vehicle looks like and make their own determination as to whether they would buy it as shown or not.

According to Mark Fields, Ford's president of The Americas, the "Transit Connect is a versatile vehicle that can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. The Family One concept delivers fun with function. This fun, cool space is for parents and small children alike, combining fuel efficiency with advanced technologies that can help keep families connected on the go."

The Family One concept is based on the Transit Connect, a global Ford platform adaptable to a wide variety of applications, both personal and professional. This concept vehicle represents Ford's first effort in showcasing the versatile Transit Connect for personal use.

Transit Connect has a utilitarian form that offers 135 cubic feet of space on a compact platform, with agile driving dynamics ideally suited to urban driving and tight spaces. The vibrant color scheme and expansive greenhouse area combine to give the Family One concept friendly visual character and a bright, airy interior space.

"For children, the conceptual intent of the vehicle is to be as engaging and entertaining when parked as it is on the go," added Lee. "The Family One easily transitions from functional family mobility to 'base camp' when the coolest mom puts the shift lever into the park position."

The Transit Connect Family One concept vehicle uses in-dash computer technology to keep a family organized, on-schedule and properly equipped with everything from diaper bags to sporting goods, back packs and homework folders that populate the active family environment.

According to Ford, the Family One concept employs radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to keep track of all the items the active family needs to stay organized. When the driver enters the vehicle with children, the in-dash computer will provide notification that Timmy's hockey equipment is still in the front hall closet. Using predictive algorithms to "learn" based on past usage, the system will identify missing musical instruments or homework on the way to school and will remind parents if they haven't packed clubs for a scheduled Saturday golf outing.

The system is designed to be intuitively easy to operate, with minimal menu scrolling and programming. It also plays a role in safety - adding to peace of mind - as the system integrates with sensors to notify the driver if a child seat is improperly attached or tensioned.

Truly, the Ford Transit Connect Family One is a mouthful, not a name that easily rolls off of the tongue. However, if auto show visitors build a connection to the concept, we could see the concept quickly become a reality for Ford.

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