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If you own a Dodge, you probably want to get the most out of your vehicle. Researching the history of these vehicles will not only teach you something, but it will also give you insight into what went into the making of your vehicle today.

In order to get the most out of your Dodge vehicle,Guest Posting it might help you to know where it all began. Some people may not realize it, but the Dodge Company began in 1900 as a parts company. The company was named after John and Horace. What they began as a parts company soon would turn into much more.

John and Horace were not satisfied just supplying the parts for the cars that were being built. They wanted more. They wanted to build their own vehicles. They did this in 1914 with the construction of a four-cylinder vehicle called the Dodge Model 30. By 1916, the vehicles built by this company were at a rank of 2nd place.

Not only did this company accomplish a great deal with their vehicle on the road, they also offered a benefit to the armed forces. They were known for their durability after they were used in a raid led by Lt. George S Patton.

The founding brothers of the company died in 1920, and after this there was a downward trend in the popularity of these vehicles compared to what it had been. They are a part of the Chrysler Company today. They make lightweight trucks and also the heavy duty Rams, as well as other models of vehicles.

As in all auto companies, there were likely many ups and downs. The main thing is that they have kept going. That is something of importance when it comes to a vehicle. You want a vehicle that has founders who have been close to the top and then closer to the bottom. We as car owners can learn much from the founders of today's motor vehicles.

We should be people of invention, initiative, and fortitude. We should think like John and Horace in the early days of the Dodge when they just produced parts. We should not be satisfied with just supplying when we can build something bigger.

Next time you jump in your Ram, think about how it all began. Think of those two humble men starting out with humble means and supplying the bigger named car companies. Think about how they had fortitude and started making cars of their own. If only businesses today had the same fortitude to last and stand the tests of economic hard times.

If that were only the case, we would likely have cars that would last longer, and many people would not be out of work. Integrate the fortitude of our founding car builders into your life today.

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