Integrated Electric Standby for Refrigerated Trucks

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How to plug in your refrigerated vehicles when its engine is not running? Integrated electric standby system is specially designed for fleet managers who are looking for plugging-in the refrigerated trucks when loading or rest. Read the following post to figure out what exactly an integrated standby is and how it works.

Introduction of Integrated Electric Standby Refrigeration system

At present,Guest Posting the refrigeration system of most refrigerated vehicles relies on the vehicle engine to drive the transport refrigeration compressor to work, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration and food preservation. The compressor can only work when the vehicle is running. Once the engine is turned off, the refrigeration unit stops working. The electric standby system on the refrigerated truck is the second cooling power source activated when the engine of the chassis is not working or malfunctions. It can be used as a back-up refrigeration solution to solve some emergencies, and the refrigerated truck can also be used as a temporary cold storage.

Simply speaking, the vehicle powered refrigeration unit generally relies on the engine to drive the compressor of the refrigeration unit. After the engine is stopped, the refrigeration unit will stop working. If an integrated electric standby is installed, it can be directly powered after the engine is stopped. The truck refrigeration unit can still work afterwards, providing the preset refrigeration and fresh-keeping temperature for the truck compartment, so as to keep our goods fresh. The integrated electric standby system is more suitable for long-distance transportation, generally for refrigerated trucks over 7 meters.



Integrated Electric Standby System Composition

The electric standby system is composed of a motor, an independent compressor, an external power cord, and refrigerant pipeline, etc. It is independent of the original truck refrigeration compressor unit, but shares the same condensing system. Separate compressor for refrigeration, no need to start the vehicle. After the standby unit is installed, when the refrigerated vehicle engine stops working, through the electric standby system of the external power supply, the compressor can also be used when the vehicle is temporarily parked, broken down or repaired. Keeping the temperature in the compartment, and our goods fresh.

Working principle: Use the external power cord to rotate the motor, drive the independent compressor to work, and provide the circulating refrigerant for the refrigeration unit to work, without the chassis engine running.

Installation location: Generally, it is installed next to the beam of the refrigerated truck. It is also installed inside the box of a refrigerated truck, with a small side door open next to it.

Application: There are usually two models that are more suitable to be equipped with electric standby systems. One is a refrigerated truck used to transport temperature-sensitive cargoes to avoid abnormal cooling caused by the sudden condition of the vehicle's engine during transportation; the other is for refrigerated vans, short-distance cargo transportation. If you need to rest during transportation or during unloading, the integrated standby system comes into play. It can make the refrigerated van continue to supply the power required by the refrigerated truck unit through the backup compressor when the engine is stopped. The goods can be kept in a good condition in a constant temperature environment, and it can play a very good role in some goods with higher temperature requirements.

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