Lexus Continues To Impress With Its Innovation

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The Lexus brand has become synonymous with style and luxury, not to mention innovation. Whoever came up with the tagline of Pursuit of Perfection has done very well.

The company was founded in 1983 as a division of Toyota - a Japanese car companies. The point of doing this was so that there would be a separate range of cars that are seen to be highly luxurious and something that is premium priced. The higher pricing was indicative of the status that comes with owning the car and so there were high expectations of the range when it was lunched. Interestingl

There is a whole lot of brand equity invested in the Lexus logo,Guest Posting it is a well created impression that someone gets if they think about the car. No doubt what crosses their mind are words such as luxury, comfort and reliability.

Despite the fact that Lexus is a luxury car division that was launched by a Japanese car manufacturer - namely Toyota, this was not the first country to experience the elegance of the car. The range of cars was to be priced at a rate that would give some indication of the type of luxuries and features that a buyer could look forward to. After its launch in 1983 and continued expansion in the United States, it was only in 2005 when the company hit the ground in Japan.

There is a very important link between Toyota and Lexus and this is the fact that until 2005, the luxury car manufacturer was simply a division of Toyota. Now it is a stand alone company and although Toyota still as a large shareholding in the organization, there is a definite separation of brands and this is very important as each have their own identity. One does not want to confuse consumers.

Lexus has become synonymous with luxury, comfort, style as well as a fairly hefty price tag. The competitors that Lexus goes up against are companies BMW and Mercedes Benz. Whilst these are well established automobile manufacturers and have been around for a long time, Lexus has made a significant foot print in the automobile market and is in fact a keen competitor of both of these highly successful brands.

Lexus ensures that all of its cars are made to the highest standards and the range that there is to choose from confirms this. One could decide between a coupe or a convertible and if you want something slightly more understated then a sedan would work for you. Those with a more adventurous spirit could head out into the wilderness in one of their SUVs.

Reliability and customer service have also become two major factors that have led to Lexus becoming so successful. In the United States, Lexus has been voted as the Most Reliable Brand fourteen times. Now in a market which is flooded for choice and doesn't return if they don't like something, that is a testimony to the brilliance of this automobile manufacturer.

Possibly the biggest draw card for a person who is looking for a new car to be interested in a Lexus is the ingenuity that the designers and engineers at Lexus have in terms of the hybrid models. In a time when people are worried about the environment and everyone wants to go green and yet still have the convenience of a car, Lexus developed their hybrid models.

Hybrid cars combine electric and fuel motors in order to optimize its running and they can work on both sources of power. It not only increases the amount of power that is produced by the car, but it is also a means in which that the car makes use of fuel more efficiently. This is perhaps the most important feature and one that has proved an attractive selling point to consumers. It is not only good for the environment but in the long run is also more cost effective.

Lexus has proved that age is not everything in the car manufacturing market and is a very serious contender in the global stage. It is likely that this company will continue to be incredibly influential in the years to come.

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