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German auto manufacturer Mercedes is already one of the most recognizable names in the automobile industry, and now it is about to become one of the most visible names in sports after purchasing the naming rights to one of the world's most famous stadiums.

Mercedes is a name that is recognized and admired around the world as one of the most famous and successful manufacturers of luxury automobiles. Now it will also be recognized as one of the most prominent names in American sports.

Mercedes recently purchased the naming rights to one of America's most iconic stadiums,Guest Posting the Louisiana Superdome. Starting soon, the building that became famous both for the athletic competitions it has hosted as well as the tragic tales of its time as a shelter for victims of Hurricane Katrina will be known as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

So what is the popular German company gaining from the money it will spend to have its name plastered on the structure that dominates its city's skyline from all directions? Perhaps most importantly, it is gaining exposure not only to residents of Southeast Louisiana who can't help but look directly at the imposing structure when driving in and around the city, but also to the large portion of the American population that watches sporting events.

While New Orleans residents can't help but look at the dome due to its size and location within the heart of the city's skyline, sports fans around America and throughout the world will similarly find it difficult not to look at the facility in the coming months and years.

While the Superdome will maintain its day job as the home facility for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League as well as Tulane University's football team, it will also host a series of high-profile events in the next two years that will draw millions of fans and viewers to the iconic stadium.

In 2012, the National Collegiate Athletic Association will host its Bowl Championship Series championship game in football at the facility. A few months later, the NCAA will host Men's Basketball Championship - popularly known as the Final Four - there as well. Then in 2013, the NFL's Super Bowl will take to the Superdome and will focus the world's largest television audience on the building. These events alone will attract tens of thousands of fans to the area and will also draw millions of viewers on television around the world, all of which will take notice of the Mercedes name prominently featured in and around the stadium and on their television broadcast.

With these major events and other significant happenings drawing consistent attention to the Mercedes name adorned on the famous stadium, the renowned German company can become even more recognized and popular in America and around the world based on this added exposure. Couple this with the already-present popularity of its vehicles and this investment may mean even more growth and prosperity for the successful auto manufacturer.

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