Oil Change: Consequences of Missing Maintenance

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It is easy to put off your regular oil change appointment. Missing some maintenance won't really hurt, right?

How often should you schedule an oil change? Maintenance is not always easy but it can extend the life of your vehicle. This is so important that most newer vehicles include a little light on the dash to let you know when it is time to get this handled. If you aren't sure when your vehicle needs to go to the shop,Guest Posting start by reading your owner's manual for critical car care information. Being late getting into the shop every once in a while is not a huge deal but don't make a habit of it. Here are a few consequences of skipping over your car's maintenance.

Loss of Warranty

If you purchased your vehicle new, it came with a manufacturer's warranty. Most people don't realize that this warranty is conditional. If you do proof of an oil change at the required intervals, your warranty can be void. It makes sense as the manufacturer tells you how to take care of your vehicle's engine. If you do not follow those directions, they do not see themselves liable for the issues that might occur due to the lack of maintenance.

Extended warranties offer customers a similar deal. They will cover certain repairs if the owner can show regular maintenance. It is important to note that this is not limited to the oil change. Some warranties require that the tires be rotated or the transmission flushed in order to keep up with contract.

Clogging Up the Engine

When oils are left in the engine, they tend to get thicker with time and use. Sometimes these oils pick up small pieces of metal as they make their way through the engine. Dirt can even find its way in if it is not changed in regular intervals. While those particles seem small, they can grind against the different surfaces causing unnecessary wear.

As the oils thicken, they no longer do their job lubricating the engine. When you finally do go in for an oil change, the regular procedures are not going to be sufficient. You may need a complete engine flush to get rid of the sludge and particles that have built up over time. The longer you go without maintenance, the worse the problem becomes.

The Engine Will Seize Up

The cost of an engine flush is not going to make you happy but at least it should be able to get you back on the road. However, if you ignore the maintenance completely, eventually the engine will seize up. This means that your vehicle will not longer run. While this is the extreme, it can happen and the repairs are costly. In older model cars, people often find that the repair exceeds the value of the car. All of a sudden, those oil change appointments do not seem all that expensive if they would have prevented this type of situation.

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