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In McPherson independent suspension, pillar type shock absorber is divided have the shock absorption effect, but also take on the role of supporting body, so it must be designed compact and stiffness enough to do it.

Paper suspension (MacPhersan),Guest Posting is now very common kind of independent suspension form, mostly used in the front wheel of vehicles. Say simply, McPherson suspension is the main structure, the spiral spring by A word with shock absorber and the bottom of the arm, shock absorber can avoid spiral spring forward, while loading, left, right after the phenomenon of migration, restrictions and the direction can only spring vibration, and can through to the shock absorber trip, damping and tie-in and different hardness of the hanging of the spiral spring set-up on performance.The biggest characteristic is hanging overview volume is small, be helpful for for a compact engine compartment layout. But it is also because of simple structure, lateral do not provide enough to support the, therefore turned to the cabin and brake nod phenomenon is quite obvious. Here are all the detailed introduction of paper for the structure of suspension performance.McPherson suspension is should lead the engine front wheel drive (ff) models of appear and the birth of. Ff not only requires the engine to models transverse placed, but also increase the gearbox, differential drive mechanism, steering machine, past the front suspension have to be compressed and space greatly out, so engineers to design the save a space, low cost of macpherson suspension, in compliance with the car needs.Paper (Macphersan) is the name of the inventor of the suspension system, he is the United States Illinois man, born in 1891. After graduation from the university he had in Europe have many years of aviation engine, and in 1924 to join gm engineering center. 30 s, gm Chevrolet companies want to design a real small cars, chief designer is paper. He was very interested in designing small cars, the goal is to the four seats in the car quality control within 0.9 tons, wheelbase control in 2.74 meters of less than, the car DVD design of the key is hanging. A paper to prevailing leaf-spring and torsion bar front suspension of the spring way, creative will shock absorber and spiral spring together, installed in the front axle. The practice proves that this kind of suspension form of simple structure, take up the space is little, and handling is very good. Later, paper defecting to ford, 1950 ford in the British subsidiary of the two car production, is the first to use paper suspension commodity car.McPherson suspension by spiral spring, shock absorber, A glyph hem of arm, most of the vehicles will also add horizontal. McPherson independent suspension physical structure as the pillar type shock absorber and be king pin, and inherit from body shaking and the impact of the fluctuation of prestressed, steering knuckle (also can say the wheels, because steering knuckle role in wheel) are the king pin rotation. In addition, the precision can swing, the characteristic is king pin position and orientation Angle according to the front wheels beat up and down and change, and change small front wheel position, and it has good driving stability.In McPherson independent suspension, pillar type shock absorber is divided have the shock absorption effect, but also take on the role of supporting body, so it must be designed compact and stiffness enough, and to cover on the spiral spring after he can shock absorption, and spring and shock absorber together, form a can of the up and down movement slide column. And A car cameras key components- -A word hem arm, its function is to provide the horizontal support for wheels, and can withstand the before and after the direction from prestressed. Vehicles in athletic process, the wheels are under the direction of the force of the impact all must depend on pillar and A shock absorber font bracket arm under the two parts to assume.

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