Perfect Traits of the Perfect Window Tints in 2021

Dec 17




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Get your car perfect tint if you're living in Dubai then it's necessary to have window tinting for your car. Because of the UV rays of the sun, the entire tint will protect your car's exterior windows and body and gives you extra comfort while driving.


Well,Perfect Traits of the Perfect Window Tints in 2021 Articles if you are planning to tint your car windows to protect yourself from the scorching attack of heat, then you must be very overwhelmed with the number of car window tints available in the market. There are plenty of different window tints available according to their usability and materials used in manufacturing factors. So, if you can’t select the perfect car tints from the heap of good quality window film, then don’t get flustered as we have something to share with you.  

To get the perfect car window tints, you have to first understand the features of good quality window film. After knowing the traits of the good quality window tints you can better select the perfect tints for your car.

Types of Car Window Tints

Before understanding the features of good quality window tints, you have to understand all the different tints available in the market. There is a different type of window tints available in the market according to the material used in the manufacturing or as per the requirement of the users. However, broadly window tints can be divided into two categories; reflective window tints and non-reflective window tints.  

Generally, both types of tints are a great observer of heat and glares. The non-reflective window tints are made up of dyed material which helps in observing the heat. However, this dyed material isn’t as effective as the reflective window tints on observing the solar heat.  

In addition to these two types of windows, tints can be categorized according to the material used in the manufacturing of tints. On the basis of material, tints are divided into three categories; dyed material, carbon mixed, and ceramic window tints. Out of these three dyed window tint options- dyed window tints are more cost-effective whereas ceramic window film is costly.  That’s because ceramic tints offer the highest level of heat reflection features.  

Apart from all these window film types, there is one other type of film that is very popular these days. Such as nano carbon ceramic, an innovative new hybrid of both carbon and ceramic, combines the benefits of both parent types while minimizing the drawbacks, making this a favorite choice among car owners who want longevity and good function.  

Features of Window Tints

So, if you are ready to install the tints on your brand new car or want to replace your old tints, then get the window tints that will match the criteria of good quality tints.  

Level of Shade - For car tints legally only a certain level of shading or darkness is allowed by the government. In UAE, according to the latest window tinting law, motorists can shade only 50% dark their car window tints. So, a good window tint always designed according to the latest rules and regulations issued by the government. 

Color stability - When you are selecting the window tints for your car, then always remember to select the tint which offers you more stability. That’s because, with the constant attack of the ultraviolet rays, the tints start to lose their darkness and fades their original color. So, always select the tint which offers you more stability.  

Clarity - When you want to get the perfect tint for your vehicle, then get the tint that offers you the most clarity. The tint which can block the most amount of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays while offering clear visibility is considered the best quality of window tints. This is because while driving the vehicle, you require a sheer amount of clarity and visibility.

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Solar control - If you don’t want to feel too hot inside your car, then you should select the window tints with the solar control features. The extra heat is very dangerous for you and your car’s interior so always make sure that your tent has a good quality solar control system in it.  

So, if your car window tint is designed on the above-mentioned criteria, then you are going to enjoy the full protection from the window tinting. Always remember these ground rules before installing the window tints on your car windows because a good quality window tint can protect you from the ultraviolet rays and can keep the interior of your car protected from the glare of the sun.  

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