Scrap Car Removal: Fact vs Fiction

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If you have an old clunker littering up your garage, it will come as no surprise to anyone that you want to get rid of it. The person getting all surprised might be you, after you learn that it is actually quite easy to do this. And you will get paid for it! They come over to your place, pay you cash for your vehicle, and then they haul the automobile away back to their place. In the case that you know about this already, that is awesome.

However,Guest Posting as you probably also already understand, some of these companies are run by unscrupulous hucksters. While this is true, the fact of the matter is that most industries have their fair share of undesirables preying on vulnerable people. If you want to be better informed so that you can exercise proper caution, the next few tips may help you. Here is a list of facts vs fictions associated with the scrap car removal scene.

Fiction: It is perfectly fine to leave a scrap car in your garage or outside on the lawn. These things are just made of steel, rubber and glass, there is no way that it will cause pollution.
Fact: Cars aren’t just made up of a few materials that won’t adversely affect the environment. There are lots of plastic parts, and there are lots of fluids in a car that can leak out and pollute the ground soil. This includes coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, battery acid, and so forth. The other fact is that the windows are made of glass, which are usually broken at some point. Broken glass is not a safe thing to have about. If you have children, a junk car on your property is a hazard to them. Rusty metal is not a friendly material at all.

Fiction: If your vehicle is broken down, car removal companies will reject it
Fact: Lies, all lies. This myth has been getting spread around via social media and word of mouth for a while now. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that car removal companies make money from salvaging any and all re-usable materials and parts from junk vehicles. It won’t matter what condition any particular vehicle is in, there will be materials and components on it that can be refurbished for sale later on as a second hand part. And when it comes to transporting the vehicle back to the salvage yard, scrap auto removal companies have specialised equipment to do this with, so it matters not whether your car runs or not.

Fiction: Car Removal companies charge lots Money
Fact: When you have your vehicle removed by an auto removal company, they won’t charge you a dime. That is because they are buying the vehicle off you, and it would be unseemly for someone buying something to demand that the seller pay for the transport of said item. So there it is.


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