Should You Buy a Used BMW?

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Many motorists are interested in buying a used BMW. Here are some things to think about. 

Used BMW vehicles are some of the top rated autos for holding their value. Some cars don’t last over time and the more miles that are put on them,Guest Posting the lower their resale value drops. But for high quality, well made vehicles, this isn’t the case. In fact, these topnotch automobiles may be relatively rare finds used because their owners hold on to them for so long. The advertising slogan calling each car “the ultimate driving machine” has been widely embraced for good reason.

BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works which is a German auto manufacturer. These cars began rolling off the line during the early 1900’s in Munich which is the capital of Bavaria. Bavaria’s flag is a blue and white checkered design and the car’s logo reflects this image. In 1990, the first Bavarian Motor Works auto manufacturing plant opened up on North American soil in the United States. These vehicles became so well loved that they were tagged with an affectionate nickname of “Beemer.”

There are lots of good reasons to purchase a used BMW including:

Less expensive: These luxurious and well made used BMW cars are not cheap. To buy a used model will usually cost less than driving a new one off the lot. Not only will the price tag of the auto be less expensive, but insurance and tags will also be less pricey.

More information available than in yesteryear: The history of a used car can now be tracked via its VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. A prospective buyer can get a computer printout of the owners, accidents and life story of the resale vehicle.

Certified Through Dealers: Dealers who sell previously owned used BMW models will certify and guarantee many of them. This is a way of getting a warranty similar to a new car’s. If a sedan or SUV is relatively new, it may still have the original warranty in existence, too.

Trade-ins: When shopping for a previously owned BMW, it’s a good sign if the previous owner traded it in at the dealer to buy a new one of the same brand. People who have had good experiences with a specific brand, model or automobile will typically buy another one from the same manufacturer. If they trade it in to buy a different brand, this doesn’t speak as highly for the one they traded in.

Gather research before going to car lot: With the readily available information on the internet, buyers should be able to gather target price ranges for the models they’re coveting. Buying from a private party will be less expensive than purchasing from a dealer but may be riskier in terms of warranties and what shape the car is in.

Make sure used is the best bargain: In today’s economy, there are cases where some incentives, rebates and special deals on new vehicles make them spectacular bargains. It’s wise to comparison shop between new models with all the special offers vs. the older ones without the incentives.

Buying a used BMW or a new one can be a wonderful beginning of a new adventure. Road trip, here you come. 

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