Tata Cars India

Mar 30




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Tata in India is one of the leading car manufactures and it has got lots of experience and expertise in producing reliable service.


The company is tremendously contributing to the Indian economy growth. Tata cars India is the best car manufacturer and vehicles are proud enough to carry the tag as best passenger car maker in India.

Indica V2

Indica V2 is the most economical in terms of fuel mileage. It has got enhanced power,Tata Cars India Articles and offers ample space for passengers. It also comes with a choice of 1.4-L diesel and a 1.2-L petrol engines. It is also available with a LPG kit. The company has designed this car for workaholics.

Indica Vista

Vista is a new generation car that is built on new platform. It is pretty spacious with improved interiors, very efficient engine, and great handling. The vehicle is available in Aura, Terra, and Aqua variants.

It boasts of unique features like long petal-shaped headlamps and hydraulic power steering.

Tata Indigo is one of the other fuel efficient cars for Indian customers. It is a luxury sedan that is available for cheaper price. Tata Motors has succeeded in producing cars at cheaper pricing. Indigo SE sedan is the fuel efficient sedan at present. It is equipped with DICOR and turbocharged engine. It is also well known for its diesel variant.

Tata Safari

Moving further towards the bigger cars,Tata Safari is more popular in India and is upgraded with 2.2 Liter VTT engine. New emission norms are implemented in the country and the new Safari complies with the new rules. This premium SUV is also available with Bharat Stage IV and Bharat Stage III as well as compliant engines.

Sumo Grande MK II

The big car after Safari is Sumo Grande MK II and it has got theDICOR engine from Safari. The vehicle exterior is more graceful and has got long list of sophisticated interiors. It truly suits the Indians and off road enthusiast. Apart from Grande and Safari, the company has got two big cars named Xenon XT and Sumo Victa.

When it comes to small cars, the company has developed the world's cheapest car Nano. The car was into number of controversies initially and finally came out as safe package. It is available in 6 peppy colours and has added lot of colour to Indian streets. Most probably, the company is thinking to expand Nano to other countries and increase the overall sales.