Teaching Your Kids About Auto Repair

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When your kids are old enough to learn to drive, they need to learn about auto repair. Here are some things to teach them.

If your kids are old enough to learn to operate a motor vehicle,Guest Posting they're old enough to learn about auto repair. Maintaining and repairing a vehicle is part of the responsibility associated with the privilege of driving. The way one's parents take care of their belongings is often the way the offspring will take care of theirs. If you want your teens to be responsible automobile owners down the road, it's time to set a good example. Here are some things they need to know. Getting your teen familiar with an auto repair shop will benefit them down the road.

How to change a flat tire: Tell your teens to get off the road, first thing. This may ruin the tire but that's the way it goes. They should have the emergency number of tow trucks or another roadside assisting service. It's wise to have a family membership to AAA or towing covered on the car's insurance policy. Tell them to stay out of the road at all times so they aren't in the pathway of other cars.

What they should do if any of the flashing alert messages appear: On the dash of a newer model car, various messages could come up such as "check engine" or "check tire pressure" or "check brakes." If these flashing signals are accompanied by other warning signs such as smoke or strange smells or sounds, they should take their car to an auto repair shop. If there isn't a familiar garage, your kid should call you. Sometimes the "check engine" light comes on because the gas cap was left off or is not tightened up. They should check the gas cap, just in case.

Broken windshield wiper: If your son or daughter is driving in a rainstorm and the windshield wiper breaks off, he or she should pull off the side of the road if they lack visibility. They can either wait until the storm passes or contact their parents or friend to bring a new wiper blade. They shouldn't drive when they can't see.

What they should do about cell phone usage: Many states have made talking on the cell phone while driving illegal. Texting is even more dangerous. Discuss the safety issues of driving while making phone calls and get them to agree to do it only in emergencies. If it's illegal in your state, forbid it. If your kids don't heed the rules, they lose the keys.

What if they're pulled over by a police officer: If your teen sees flashing red lights behind the vehicle, instruct them about what they should do. They should pull over to the side of the road and unroll their window. Their hands should be kept on the steering wheel and they should be calm and polite to the police officer. If they disagree with the officer's assessment of their driving, they'll have to obtain legal guidance and deal with it later.

When adolescents get behind the wheel, they will have more to learn about than operating the motor vehicle and finding locations according to a map. They will also need to learn about preventative maintenance and auto repair.

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