To bring more new technology for the mobile Internet and industry users

May 25


jodie mht

jodie mht

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Upgraded Germany Maps Enterprise Edition not only supports the development of various users to create personalized map and personalized maps


The optimization and upgrading of the map content management system for industrial users is the new version of Germany Map Enterprise Edition release of the second main event. Map content management system as part of the MapABC map service platform is a set of management data of the basic points of interest (POI data),To bring more new technology for the mobile Internet and industry users Articles user data (including point, line, surface), the map slice MAP content management system, capable of facing the Internet, electricity, water, tobacco, transportation, financial and many other industries to provide powerful data management and map display functions, as well as provide important data to support user applications built based on MapABC map service platform. Map content management system basic point of interest is the amount of data, covering a wide variety of data, and can customize the display of data from custom data map. With map content management system, users can produce their own data, data import, data dissemination, and map display, but also to choose the data charts and text styles, making their own special "DIY Map, to satisfy their individual needs.

    Upgraded Germany Map Enterprise Edition not only supports the development of various users to create personalized maps and personalized map content management system also supports GPS industry users real-time vehicle monitoring and mobile terminals animation show, and be able to accurately monitor speed, direction, animation facilitate the monitoring of the effective management of the types of trades.

Combining it with Jilin tobacco logistics, for example, Jilin Tobacco With Map Service to establish a distribution vehicle monitoring and dispatching management system, driving directions and location information report and through the vehicle of intelligent terminals, further distribution, logistics, scheduling instruction route information issued and reporting, while reducing logistics costs, improve distribution efficiency and productivity. In addition, the navigation engine to combine real-time traffic information, navigation operator road services combined with real-time traffic information and more accurate. For different industries and government applications, the traffic congestion of city life for users planning the most unimpeded route, saving travel time. During the Shanghai World Expo, the traffic control department has successfully rely on mapping service to the public in real time release traffic conditions, event, traffic control and other travel information, service hotline, interactive query terminals to provide the support of the Transport Advisory Services Information, parking guide services, etc.,Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality.  for the public to create relaxed travel environment.

    Comprehensive optimization and upgrading of high Germany Map Enterprise Edition for mobile Internet and industry customers to bring more new technology, better quality development platform, a broader space for development, as well as more professional map service, but also for the general public with to a more professional, wonderful map experience to provide a full range of integrated GIS solutions. This upgrade also makes high Germany Map Enterprise Edition to achieve a new leap in performance, and toward a more professional and more all-around, marking the high German MapABC taken by the map to search the platform for the strategic transformation of the first a second step, but also to map the future development of the industry route specified direction, will lead the innovation boom of the first map.