Navigation manufacturers generally prefer to use genuine map

Jun 20


jodie mht

jodie mht

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Kay Rucker: the mainstream manufacturers in the manufacturers and channels for the use of pirated maps are relatively small scale of operations


For online burst of consumer complaints - Map information is incorrect,Navigation manufacturers generally prefer to use genuine map  Articles the old map, map updating is difficult or can not be updated and other issues in the 315 consumer rights day, HC Automotive Electronics Fabric focus navigation map, visits to the relevant manufacturers and owners. survey navigation map of the consumption environment, and guide consumers to purchase correctly.

   Has a huge market share in the automotive field of installed navigation map company, Kay Rucker is how to analyze and deal with the phenomenon of rampant piracy map, and what measures to curb piracy, to increase the map of the genuine users upgrading service  In this regard, the HC automotive electronics has special interview with Kay Rucker relevant person in charge.

HC automotive electronics: Some media and industry awareness that a major cause of rampant piracy map, some of the navigation manufacturer that the genuine map cost is too high, and use the cracked version of the map more price advantage, higher profits. As a professional map providers, you are how to treat and deal with such a status quo

   Kay Rucker: the mainstream manufacturers in the manufacturers and channels for the use of pirated maps are relatively small scale of operation, or only short-term interest on the market are still very much respect the intellectual property rights, willing to use the genuine product. The future development of the industry as a whole has a positive meaning.

As for the high cost of genuine map, cracked version of the map more price advantage that, our answer is: as opposed to the genuine products, pirated maps will always have a price advantage. They are essentially zero cost, while Kay Lide pay annually on the map collection and software development investment and costs are enormous.

For the current status quo of rampant piracy, Kay Rucker has been working. Last year, Kay Rucker and Taobao in-depth consultations, has more than 4000 pieces of pirated products. Meanwhile, Kay Rucker has been committed to increasing the product's features and services, so that the genuine product value for money.

HC Auto Electronics: wrong on the Internet frequently broke the map information of owner complaints, navigation arbitrary directions, and map updates difficult, update the problem of high costs. I ask, Kay Rucker in the next, whether there will be relevant measures to solve these difficult problems of the owners'

   Kay Rucker: On this issue, we can from the three aspects of answer. First of all, the reason for frequent complaints, one of the reasons the past two years the rapid development of the navigation market, the navigation of users is also a rapid increase. The rapid spread of the user's navigation performance to a higher car dvd demand. Secondly, the content of user complaints, the complaints map information chaotic guiding the user of the errors and navigation, mostly facing the problem of copyright piracy or the old map. Timely and easily update the map to help users, Kay Rucker has established the industry's most complete service system: including the speed of map updates four times a year, the industry's fastest; the home of Kay Lide map upgrade online, all over the country map upgrade service outlets, convenient desktop client upgrade, systematic map upgrade is also an industry first.