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The SYNC system is an intelligent multimedia communications and entertainment system jointly developed by Fords

Strives to make more Chinese consumers to enjoy the convenience of smart technology and comfort,Guest Posting the new generation Ford Focus will be powered by a Chinese version of SYNC car multimedia communications and entertainment system. The carrying of the Chinese version of the first generation of Ford SYNC system, tailored for the Chinese market, with strong communication and entertainment features, and open the new era of human-computer interaction technology of the domestic auto industry.

The SYNC system is an intelligent multimedia communications and entertainment system jointly developed by Ford and Microsoft (Microsoft). Equipped with the SYNC system on the new generation Ford Focus models, the high configuration with the display on the center console, via voice control, compatible with and manipulation of the portable communications, entertainment equipment, etc. to allow motorists to drive the process more easily, and convenient to achieve such as voice dialing, voice broadcast the content of messages, voice control the music player and other functions. Apple in one of their latest products iPhone4S on the application of innovative voice control function-Siri is the SYNC system, advanced voice recognition technology for the Chinese consumers as the automotive industry Siri is the revolution in the way of man-machine interaction .

"SYNC car multimedia communication entertainment system is a perfect example to prove that the new generation Ford Focus Smart technology can bring to consumers addictive manage to enjoy," Mr. He Junjie (NigelHarris), General Manager of Changan Ford Sales Company, said: " start from the vehicle, the system activated the moment, consumers can easily through intelligent SYNC system, quick access to the information you want next-generation Ford Focus available to consumers so that an intelligent, and a variety of devices linked to each other in-car experience, an experience this is also the pursuit of today's consumers. "

The new generation Ford Focus configuration of the first generation SYNC system can recognize nearly 100 voice commands, voice control functions using a simple mode of operation, through voice commands to be completed by the phone call, SMS processing and music search and playback. Oral "phone call", "Read SMS", "USB Play All", the SYNC system through simple voice commands to complete the action. SYNC voice control functions to be completed by the vehicle system settings, such as Bluetooth devices to connect, voice settings. Driving hands without leaving the steering wheel, and can manipulate the SYNC system allows the driver to concentrate on the road ahead, thereby increasing traffic safety, synchronization of traffic, entertainment and hyundai dvd player communications.

It is worth mentioning is that the languages supported by the Ford SYNC system on a global scale to 19 languages, including Chinese Mandarin speech recognition capabilities in the automotive industry, has set a new standard. In China, Ford, taking into account the differences around the country accent, a number of representative areas, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Guangdong and other places, a lot of speech recognition tests. Therefore, the Chinese version of the new generation Ford Focus is powered by the first generation SYNC system can not only recognize the Chinese Mandarin, and even identify with parts of the country-accented Mandarin, and demonstrate its flexibility and accuracy in speech recognition to enhance.

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