Toyota Overtakes GM As Largest Automaker

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General Motors, after reining as the 77 years as the world’s largest automaker, has lost its title after 2008 sales figures have stalled.

GM’s sales had put the automaker in second place behind that of Toyota. GM sales in 2008 were 8.36 million vehicles,Guest Posting while Toyota sold 8.97 million vehicles.After losing its long-held title, GM realizes that the future will be long and arduous, and sales within its core market, North America, have declined dramatically, and show no sign of improving any time soon. For GM dealers like Detroit Chevrolet dealers, they too realize the road ahead will  hold plenty of challenges. In addition, GM’s sales marked the first point since 1982 that annual sales have fallen below 10 million vehicles, making this a historic decline for the automaker.

Auto sales in the U.S. have plummeted as demand for new cars have weakened along with the economy. Aside from consumer sales, Hartford Chevrolet dealers have also noted that fleet sales and the rental car business have also suffered in recent months. Based on these numbers, it’s also expected that GM, Chrysler, and Ford may also be reducing production further.

The federal stimulus packages from the government are increasingly seen as vital lifelines to keep the automakers, including GM, afloat. Even Los Angeles Ford dealers see federal aid as a vital component to keeping the domestic auto industry alive. However, despite poor sales in the vital North American and European markets, GM did see sales gains in developing regions in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Despite sales declines in Toyota sales as well, it was no surprise that Toyota was able to rise above GM this year.

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