Transmission Replacement or Rebuilding?

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Depending on the problem with your transmission, you may be able to rebuild it for less than a transmission replacement would cost.

Automatic transmissions free the driver from shifting gears manually when speeding up or slowing down the car. While it's certainly more convenient for the driver,Guest Posting these options are much more expensive when it comes to repair and transmission replacement. And when your vehicle's transmission isn't working properly, your car's not going to be able to take you anywhere! When you're considering getting your transmission replaced, you'll need to take into account labor costs and the cost of a new transmission.

Cost of Replacing Your Transmission

When you're looking at getting an automatic transmission replaced, you'll need to consider the cost of labor. Automatic transmissions are more difficult to replace, so the procedure is going to take longer, and the cost of labor will be higher. You may want to consider calling several different transmission replacement shops and asking them about the typical cost for replacing automatic transmissions. Be sure to let them know the make, model and year that your car was manufactured. The average cost for this job is between $2,000 and $3,000.

Cost of Rebuilding Your Transmission

In some cases, rebuilding your transmission may be a less expensive but just as effective option to replacing the transmission. Because of the complexity of taking the transmission apart, finding the parts that aren't working, replacing them, and then putting the entire piece back together, you should definitely have a qualified transmission specialist work on your car! Whichever mechanic you choose will need to know the intricate workings of the transmission's parts, how to tell which ones are malfunctioning, and how to replace those bad parts.

In order to find a transmission specialist that you trust, ask for referrals. Your friends and family who've had transmission work done in the past may be able to suggest someone they've used and really liked. Your regular shop mechanic may be able to give you some names to call also. As long as you're pleased with your mechanic's work, you can probably trust the people the referrals he'll give you.

Unfortunately some mechanics will take advantage of unsuspecting car owners, assuming that they know nothing about their transmission. They'll overcharge those who don't question their work or ask for details on the parts their replacing. One way you can avoid being overcharged is to ask the transmission specialist to show you the damaged parts, explain what is wrong, and even request that the broken parts be returned to you.

The cost of rebuilding a transmission may be more or less than the cost of transmission replacement. It depends on how long it takes for the specialist to find the broken parts, how many parts need to be replaced, and the amount you'll be charged for labor. Many specialists can give you a rough estimate of the time it will take. You should also ask what quality parts they use for replacements. Even if they cost more, better parts are much better to use since they'll last longer, and prevent a transmission replacement in the near future!

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