Two Similarities Between Auto Repair & Medical Care

Nov 29 10:01 2011 Aloysius Aucoin Print This Article

Have you ever thought about auto repair as taking your car to the doctor? Caring for your vehicle is, in some ways, like taking care of a human body.

If most people treated their bodies as carelessly as they treated auto repair needs,Guest Posting they would be dead. If you're the kind of person that keeps "nursing it along" until your car can no longer get you from "Point A" to "Point B," imagine for a moment that your car was in charge of your medical care. 

Would you want it to treat your body with the same kind of nonchalance? In case you think that this comparison is a bit outlandish, here are two key similarities between you and your car.

Both need fluid to survive.

We've all heard that "the life of the flesh is in the blood" and that our bodies consist of 90% water. Without water or blood, we'd be in pretty bad shape; okay, we'd be in no shape at all. We can't afford to go without water, and if we're losing blood, we need to see a doctor. No, tomorrow is not soon enough: This is ER time. 

The same is true of your car's vital fluids. While windshield washer fluid may not be completely necessary, other liquids lubricate your vehicle's "major organs," if you will, to help your vehicle keep on moving. These fluids include engine oil, radiator fluid, automatic transmission fluid, power steering fluid, gear oil, coolant, and brake fluid. If any of these fluids are low, that issue could be the result of a leak. Even without a leak, all these fluids need to be checked, topped off, and replaced occasionally, as well. A routine check with your auto repair shop could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Both need to be fed to remain healthy.

Humans, of course, need nutritious food in order to have the energy they need throughout the day. They can survive on junk food, for a while, but in time, an improper diet will take its toll. At some point, simply changing one's diet won't be enough to combat the health problems that arise; surgery or drug therapy may be needed. Without such interventions, those who don't eat right may notice issues with their quality of life as well as shortened life spans.

Even many of the newer, greener, electric cars need gas, to some extent. The cleaner-running, environmentally friendly vehicles may need the pricier fuel, but most cars can do fine on standard-grade gasoline. Most vehicles are designed to run on 87 octane fuel, and using what appears to be "higher grade" fuel can actually damage your car. If your vehicle has a high-compression engine, though, your manual will inform you that high-octane gas is needed. While high-octane fuel may not be needed, if you let your tank run down close to empty, the dirty silt at the bottom of your tank will be going through your engine, producing the same kind of inefficient and damaging results as junk food does. 

The next time you consider putting off needed auto repair services, think about whether you'd want your car to do the same regarding your physical condition. In all likelihood, you'll go ahead and have it serviced at an auto repair shop, right?

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