Types of Auto Scratch Explained with Solution for Auto Scratch Repairs

Mar 2


Jhon Grey

Jhon Grey

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If you are a car lover then a single scratch on your car can disappoint you very much, because it reduces the beauty of the car.


Auto scratches can genuinely get frustrating for most car enthusiasts. In order words,Types of Auto Scratch Explained with Solution for Auto Scratch Repairs Articles no car lover can tolerate auto scratch as it not just looks dull but also disheartens you when you look at an expensive possession in a vulnerable condition. Before we explore how to move ahead with auto scratch repairs, we will make you understand different types of auto scratches. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Auto Scratches?

Scratches vary from barely noticeable ones to deep ones. In the tone of an expert, an auto scratch can be differentiated into three types i.e., deep paint scratch, clear coat scratch, and primer level scratch.

Deep Paint Scratch

When a particular scratch is very severe where you can see the metal sheet under layers, it may be really difficult to fix it. Such types of auto scratches can happen when someone willingly throws a stone, sharp object, keys on your auto’s body. Otherwise, in case of an extremely major accident, such auto scratches are possible. Thus, it is recommended to take righteous steps as soon as possible to avoid any other major accident or happening.

Clear Coat Scratch

There is an extremely thin layer of highly clear coat that acts as a shield for the car paints against environmental problems such as direct exposure to acid rain, sunlight, dust, etc. If such an auto scratch sustains to just that the auto scratch repair can get done with complete ease. Car scratches repair or removal from a clear coat layer is one of the easiest tasks.

Primer Level Scratch

Primer is another shield that manufacturers include into your auto’s body to endow it with a shining, stunning, and smoother appearance.  If auto scratches cut through a clear coat layer exposing the primer coating, it means the auto has reached the extent of the damage. Such in-depth damage not just enhances the chance of rusting but also exposes the car to furthermore dangerous damage if used on road with zero repairs. This will need more expertise and time to get it properly fixed. Painting of the damaged parts is recommended to avoid any uneven difference.

At AutoScratch, we highly excel in repairing cosmetic damages. We assure within 2 hours; we can complete most cosmetic damages. Also, note that we provide home services about color coordination. As per all previous experiences, all our repairs are genuinely undetectable to peeps unaware of your car’s previous status, which not just saves money but also time than conventional repair methods.