USA Road Trip: 5 Large SUVs for the Whole Family

Oct 26


Emma Ward21

Emma Ward21

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Everyone knows that the USA is a country with developed road infrastructure, which makes a car the best way to travel wherever you go. This is especially true on a family trip, when using public transport is very inconvenient.


When choosing a family car,USA Road Trip: 5 Large SUVs for the Whole Family Articles travelers first of all evaluate its spaciousness and practicality. Likely, exotic car rental at Grand Rapids Airport won’t suit you, because such cars usually have insufficiently spacious trunk and interior for the needs of a large family. But which car to choose? A 7-seater SUV will be the best solution, offering comfort for every passenger and having excellent ability to move on any road surface.

Check which models can accommodate a large family and provide sufficient safety for traveling on U.S. roads.

Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

This Hyundai model turned into a family car when engineers added an extra 205 mm in length and a third row of seats in the cabin. At the same time, the creators managed to save not only the luggage space, but also the excellent dynamics and the drag coefficient of 0.34.

In addition, soft and fuel-efficient car has excellent safety systems. For example, a windshield is equipped with condensate sensors that activate a directional climate system to prevent fogging of the glass.

Interior of the 7-seater is generally comfortable, although it has a number of complaints. So, because of the low ceiling, tall rear passengers will experience discomfort, and the third row is completely recommended for children or teenagers.


Mazda CX-9

CX-9 is a very stylish, slightly brutal car with the features of a racing car. However, inside it impresses with a huge modern and comfortable interior, thanks to which it has won the hearts of many travelers.

The car has 7 seats, presented in the form of three rows and installed like an amphitheater. In a basic car configuration, Mazda offers not only rich interior trim, but also comfortable, heated seats with perforated leather, a high-quality multimedia system, a panoramic sunroof and a variety of electronic assistants and other useful functions.

This model will be an excellent choice for family use, as the Mazda CX-9 is suitable for daily trips in the city stream, and for a long trip with family and relatives.


Volkswagen Teramont

The model, which can be called the novelty of the car market, received from the creators a stylish appearance, a powerful engine and a large ergonomic interior.

Convenient salon on 7 seats guarantees enough comfort for each passenger. Also, the car provides easy access to the spacious back row of seats, where even tall and large passengers have a plenty space for a pleasant trip.

In addition, the cabin is equipped with 3-zone climate control, thus allowing providing each passenger with its own temperature regime. When you travel by Volkswagen Teramont, you won’t be bored, because the on-board multimedia system, controlled by a smartphone, will give you many opportunities in terms of entertainment.

The car is fully equipped with technological innovations: the digital dashboard Active Info Display, the Discover Media navigator, as well as six interactive security systems that monitor the movement will make your trip easy and safe.


Infiniti QX60

This brand is associated with luxury, leadership, success, which clearly demonstrates the appearance of the cars being created. A chic 7-seater car can be afforded only for those who are used to the best, because it will give its owner:

  • expensive trim from the best materials;
  • ventilated leather seats with individual climate system for passengers in front;
  • heated driver’s and passenger seats;
  • organization of the third row of seats by pressing a button;
  • luggage compartment lid is adjusted using a key fob.

Additional comfort will be provided by a panoramic roof, monitors in the headrests of the seats, a multimedia system, equipped with 13 speakers and 2 subwoofers.


Audi Q7

The 7-seater SUV deserves an award for the emergency braking system alone, for which the Euro NCAP Advanced has assigned a safety level of 94%.

In an emergency, the system not only creates the necessary tension of the seat belts, but also automatically closes the windows and the hatch before a potential collision.

Brakes are activated only in the event of an accident, so as not to cause the car to skid or further collisions with other vehicles. Another key safety ‘watchman’ of the model is the ‘Audi pre sense city’ assistant, included into the basic equipment. It warns of danger and launches emergency braking.

If the arrow of the speedometer exceeds 85 km/h, the system begins to monitor the road situation, analyzing the position of other participants in the traffic.

If there’s a real threat of a collision, the system in several stages signals a threat, starting with warning braking, gradually moving to emergency one.

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