Verano is ready for Christmas!

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This winter the Verano is all ready to travel keeping passengers safe and warm. Verano owners can feel good knowing that they've chosen a vehicle that comes equipped with a myriad of safety features as well as an excellent heating system.

With winter coming up quickly and Christmas trips being planned left and right it’s no wonder that many drivers are worried about the driving conditions this holiday season. Many drivers are worried about the problems caused by iced over windows or frozen cold car seats and the dangers of the snow leaving them stuck outside with no way to get home. But Buick Verano customers have nothing to fear this Christmas!

This new luxury vehicle comes equipped with many features to keep customers warm this winter. There’s the optional heated steering wheel as well as heated leather seating available in the Verano,Guest Posting despite the fact that these luxury comforts aren’t often found on such inexpensive vehicles. According to customers the heated steering wheel makes the Verano a great value.

The heated seats in the Verano are a standard asset to warm the chill off of drivers. These seats warm automatically using a remote start when the temperature inside the vehicle drops below forty five degrees, but this setting can also be adjusted for some of our more hot natured drivers. The Verano also features controlled defrosters, climate control, and optional heated side mirrors.

“We wanted to go the extra mile to give Verano that ‘wow’ factor,” said product manager Michael Danowski. “Everyone has heated seats, but no one in the segment has a heated steering wheel or our remote start and automatic-warming features. If you park outside in the winter like me, you’ll start wondering how you ever lived without them.”

And the cold isn’t the only thing that the Verano is good for this holiday season. The Verano, like many of our other excellent Buick and GMC vehicles comes standard with free OnStar service for the first six months. this also includes remote start service for smartphone owners. All smartphone owners have to do is use the RemoteLink app on their phones to start, lock, or unlock the vehicle when within the two hundred foot range. And the best part about it is that the app is free for all compatible Apple and Android phones! The RemoteLink app is also a lifesaver for checking engine oil life and tire pressure, as well as gathering pre-loaded turn by turn directions to the driver’s destination!

And luckily OnStar subscribers also benefit from Automatic Crash Response and roadside assistance, so they never have to worry about being stranded on the side of the road on a cold winter night! All the harsh weather that can be found around the holiday season is no match for OnStar’s reliable services.

The Verano also comes equipped with standard StabiliTrak electronic stability control. This system can help stop an imminent crash before it starts by applying brake pressure on individual wheels instead of the wheels as a whole in order to keep the car in line just where it needs it. And the Bluetooth system integrated into the steering wheel will keep drivers from being dristracted with cell phones and other non-hands free electronics.

So all new Verano users can drive safe and drive secure knowing that they are driving with OnStar and StabiliTrak. And Verano users can also know they’re driving with warmth to their holiday destinations this Christmas season.

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