Volvo Penta Parts

Jul 28


Aleksei Shladkov

Aleksei Shladkov

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Volvo acquired Penta in 1935, a leading provider of internal combustion engines, power generating equipment, complete marine propulsion systems, and other similar implements. Volvo Penta also manufactures the Volvo Penta IPS, its best-selling sterndrive and inboard drive system.



Penta was founded as Gjuteriet in 1868 as a mechanical workshop in Skovde,Volvo Penta Parts Articles Sweden, and provided products such as stoves, brewery equipment, agricultural, and sawmill equipments. It later expanded in the early 1900s to produce steam engines and water turbines, and in 1907 successfully manufactured a one cylinder 3hp compression engine named B1. A five man committee sought to change the engine’s name to a catchy one and settled for Penta, hence the origin of the company’s name. Egnell bought Penta in 1916 and changed the name to AB Pentaverken, and in 1935 Volvo acquire ownership of the firm and became its subsidiary as Volvo Penta.

In addition to manufacturing marine engines Volvo Penta also builds engines used for mining equipment and stone crushing machinery. Diesel engines are manufactured in a number of facilities worldwide, including those located in Sweden, China and the United States. Products are sold worldwide through a network of 4,000 dealers in approximately 130 countries. With such a wide distribution, machine parts can break down anywhere, anytime. Be prepared with a quality Volvo Penta marine engine parts dealer at your side and never stall your business operations.

Volvo Penta Marine

Volvo Penta Marine 5L, 7L, 13L, 16L Powergen Engine Parts are available through AGA Parts, the worldwide distributor of engine and heavy duty equipment parts. AGA Parts offers the lowest prices and fastest delivery of quality parts anywhere in the world, making AGA your best source for Volvo Penta Marine 5L, 7L, 13L, 16L Powergen Engine Parts.

Volvo Penta Marine is a leading manufacturer worldwide for marine engines and parts. With a history dating back to 1868, Volvo Penta has continued to produce quality machinery for nearly 150 years. Their marine engines, traditionally ranging from 10HP to 800HP are widely recognized as some of the best in the business.

Volvo Penta introduced new environmental controls and a more powerful engine in 2010 that rated more than 1200HP, powering vessels of more than 100 feet in length. Volvo Penta Marine 5L, 7L, 13L, 16L Powergen Engine Parts are the life-blood of any marine venture. Getting stuck without the proper replacement parts could be potentially disastrous. Therefore, keeping Volvo Penta Marine 5L, 7L, 13L, 16L Powergen Engine Parts in stock and onboard can be a life saver.