What Sets Off the Engine Check/Engine Management Light?

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There are nine possible causes for your engine management light (EML) to illuminate. It is recommended to maintain scheduled car service in Reading and regular check-ups to avoid total engine failure or breakdowns.

You must first identify the source before you can solve a problem. This is also true for cars. The engine check/EML,Guest Posting as previously stated, alerts the driver to any electrical or mechanical problems with the vehicle EML.

9 Possible Causes of an illuminated Engine Check Light

It could be an engine error in some cases. Make sure your engine is free of flaws before continuing with the rest of the checks. If your engine is in good condition, you might want to have other components checked. The following are some of the possible causes of an illuminated engine check light:

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor aids gas combustion in your car's engine. This component calculates the amount of unburned oxygen in your exhaust. Your vehicle consumes more fuel when this component fails. Excessive fuel consumption will deteriorate the spark plugs and catalytic converter in your vehicle. As long as the oxygen sensor is not working properly, your engine check/EML will illuminate. To have it replaced, you may need to look online for a full car service near me and take it to a professional mechanic. Otherwise, your car will fail the emission test during an MOT.

Faulty Catalytic Converter 

In addition to a faulty 02 sensor, poor vehicle maintenance, such as irregular oil changes and short-distance driving, can damage your catalytic converter. This can clog the catalyst and illuminate the engine warning light.

Vacuum Leak 

Reducing toxic emissions is one of the vacuum system's functions. When your vehicle has a leak, it will spurt or settle at an unusually high PRM. Damaged fittings, loose connections, or a dry vacuum hose are common causes of leaks.

Loose Fuel Cap 

A loose fuel cap could be the result of a clerical error on your part. A loose fuel cap will disrupt the system that delivers fuel to your car because it has failed to maintain proper pressure in it. This will result in fuel loss and the illumination of your EML. It's possible that after filling up with fuel you forgot to replace or tighten the fuel cap.  This can happen to anyone, especially if they are in a rush to leave. Because petrol is extremely flammable, you should never drive with the fuel cap removed. If the problem is with the petrol cap, the EML will usually go away after you properly fill and tighten the cap. So, after filling up with fuel, make sure to properly replace or tighten the fuel cap. Please look for car service near me and have the faulty cap replaced.

Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor 

This component measures the amount of air entering your vehicle and allows it to adjust to changes in elevation. When it fails, you will experience difficult idling, decreased gas mileage, and an unexpected change in your throttle pedal.

A Bad Thermostat 

This controls the flow of coolant to your engine. When it's bad, it illuminates your EML.

Alarm Systems That Are Defective 

Car alarms are intended to deter vehicle theft. However, if they do not work properly, your EML will be activated. Not all alarms are effective, so get a high-quality one that can deter theft. Purchase low-cost alarms at all costs. You don't want a faulty alarm that illuminates your EML or damages other vehicle components.

Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Failure 

The ignition coil powers the spark plug in your vehicle, causing it to emit sparks. The spark, in turn, ignites the fuel-air mixture in your car's cylinder. When this coil fails, the spark plugs do not receive enough power to operate. As a result, the engine check/engine management light comes on. If the coil is fine but the spark plugs are old or worn, the engine will misfire and the EML will illuminate. As a result, ensure that any damaged engine coils or old/worn-out spark plugs are replaced.

Dead or Faulty Battery 

Your battery should have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. It may not charge properly if it has expired, causing your engine light to illuminate. Again, it may wear out sooner or later depending on how you use it. So, if it doesn't charge and causes issues, you'll need to replace it.


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Simple Methods for Resetting the Engine Management Light

When something is wrong with a car, it emits a variety of warning signs. Many car faults, including physical damage, can be detected by clicking and ticking sounds in the engine. In contrast, the engine management light (EML) illumination is a very simple way to detect complicated or hidden faults.

If you do not reset this, your car's emission test will fail. This light should not be activated. Have this issue resolved as soon as possible, or during a scheduled car service in Reading.

Before we go over how to reset the engine management light, make sure you've addressed the issue(s) that are causing the light to illuminate. This will point us in the direction of possible causes of EML light on.

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