What should I know about chiller vans for rent? What points are to be considered before renting one

Apr 8


Faraz Baig

Faraz Baig

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In the older days, before the 1920s when cooling technology did not come into existence the transportation of food items was a difficult task. As it was complicated to move the food not far than 75 km without decaying.


The movable technology brought about a great modification in the food chain supply. The required temperatures in the moving vehicles have made it much easier to transfer the goods without spoilage. For this purpose,What should I know about chiller vans for rent? What points are to be considered before renting one  Articles chiller van rental is very common these days to transfer the perishable items without deterioration.

Which business requires chiller vans?

  • Meat, dairy products, and poultry
  • Cold Drinks
  • Flowers
  • Medicines

These businesses need chiller vans for rent when carried from one place to another.

What are the key points to think of while selecting a chiller van for rent?

The right choice made by you saves you from a lot of unpleasant situations. Before you consider a chiller van for rent, take into account some of the main points that help you in making the right decision.

Temperature: When looking for a chiller van the first and foremost thing to consider is the temperature requirement.

What is the product you are going to ship? Do the items you are moving require different temperatures? Do you require a chiller or a freezer?  

When you go through these points, you make a selection accordingly. You must be well aware of the difference between a chiller and a freezer, do not confuse both, and select the one ideal for your merchandise. For several products, that requires different temperatures, make sure you rent a chiller van that does not provide a single temperature but furnishes different conditions for various products. A chiller truck rental that has multiple compartments makes it easier to move multiple items at a time and ensures the safety of each product hence allowing you to shift them without commotion.

Size: Conversion of the vans into chiller vans for rent take up some space. So before you choose it make sure of the room it is allowing you to carry your shipment. It is better to select the one that allows the modifications according to changes in your business requirements.

Types of chiller units:

  • Direct drive unit: This type of refrigerator is suitable for short trips, the chiller unit only works when the vehicle is moving and stops when the vehicle is stationary.
  • Diesel-powered unit: This type of chiller unit works on diesel and operates even though the vehicle isn't running.

Types of chilling automobiles:

The refrigerated trucks and vans are available in four different types. The choice of chiller van rental is made keeping into consideration your temperature requirement and the nature of your cargo.

  • Insulation Vans: Insulated vans do not contain separate chilled units, instead, a thick 50-millimeter layer of Styrofoam is installed which allows the cargo space to stay cool for longer periods by preventing heat from entering.
  • Chiller Vans: The chiller conversion vans are ideal for goods that require to be kept cool to refrain from decay. The refrigeration unit allows flowers, beverages, baked goods to stay fresh and resists bacteria.
  • Semi-freezer vans: These contain thick insulation of 75-millimeter and is ideal for frozen food. These can maintain up to -15° degrees of temperature.
  • Full-freezer vans: These contain heat-resistant doors as well as insulation of 100-millimeter to keep the food solid frozen. These vans can maintain temperatures as low as -25° C.

Freezer van for rent choices should be made carefully to achieve the desired results. Chiller vans play a vital role in moving the destructible goods without decay.

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