What To Expect From A Car Repair

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A motorist can expect certain things when having car repair performed. Here are some things to think about.

A motorist has a right to expect certain things when dropping off a vehicle for car repair. A person's automobile is not only a valuable asset; it's also an integral part of survival. Without one's auto,Guest Posting it's hard to drive to work, buy groceries, take the dog to the vet, pick up your kids' cough medicine or scout around town for the best deals on worldly goods. Can a person survive without a sedan, truck or SUV? Yes, but it's not so easy. When a driver drops off the Toyota at the local shop, he or she has a right to expect certain things from the mechanic. Here are some things to think about when it comes to car repair:

- Punctuality: When a shop manager says a car will take 2 hours or 2 days to fix, the customer has the right to expect punctuality. If a person waits around in the lobby for a task that's supposed to take a couple of hours, making him or her wait 5 hours is bad business. If a person drops the sedan on Monday and plans to pick up the vehicle by Wednesday, he or she will likely plan his or her schedule around this promise. If the mechanic never got around to the repair, he or she should be ashamed of himself or herself.

- Information: The customer deserves to be told what will be done to the vehicle. This includes what services will be performed and what parts will be replaced. A simple generic term such as "tune-up" isn't satisfactory. The tune-up should be broken down into specifics such as oil changed, spark plugs checked, and filters replaced.

- Diagnosis: If your vehicle isn't working properly, the mechanics will have to check out the symptoms and diagnose the problem just like a doctor would have to examine a patient before making a diagnosis. Your technician should be able to spell out a clear diagnosis before performing repairs.

- Specific price: A price should be broken down as well. How much parts and labor cost for each maintenance and repair task should be detailed.

- Parts returned: It's customary for garage personnel to give motorists back the old parts that were replaced. A plastic bag with the mechanical part should be handed over like clockwork. If the motorist doesn't want it back, he or she should at least be able to take a look, if desired.

- A written estimate: Without a written quote, both shop owner and customer are asking for trouble. All details should be in black and white and signed by both parties. Without this piece of paper, there is no contract and either party could misunderstand what the agreement was.

- Courteous treatment: Being treated professionally and respectfully is the right of every driver who drops a car at the shop.

- Warranty: Every mechanic should be willing to guarantee the work for a specific amount of time.

When a person drops off an auto for car repair, he or she has certain rights. Punctuality, information, diagnosis, price breakdown, parts returned, written estimate, courtesy and a warranty should all be part of the deal.

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