Why Car Wash Machines are Best for Cleaning Car Interiors

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Car wash machines are the one of the most important equipment for auto detailing applications. Know about various mobile car wash machines used for interior car detailing such as carpet cleaners, steam cleaners etc.

A car wash machine is used for auto detailing on a commercial basis. All maintenance contractors and car wash businesses look for a car wash machine that is powerful,Guest Posting long-lasting, and productive. The car wash machine should be affordable and have proper warranties.


To clean car interiors, both a carpet cleaner and a steam cleaner can be used.


Carpet Cleaners


While there are many types of carpet cleaners available on the market, you can narrow down the search for the perfect car wash machine using the following criteria:


  1. Temperature: You can choose between a heated or non-heated carpet cleaner. A heated car wash machine clears away grease, wax, and stains while also removing odors and molds. A commercial carpet cleaning machine often attains temperature as high as 210 degrees Fahrenheit. For lightly soiled carpets, seat covers, and car rugs, you can use a non-heated car wash machine. Non-heated machines are less expensive and consume less power than hot water carpet cleaners. You also must keep in mind the type of carpet or fabric to be cleaned as expensive or handcrafted carpets cannot withstand very high temperatures. This is usually not an issue when cleaning vehicle interiors.
  2. Water Efficiency: Low flow carpet cleaners use minimal water for cleaning. Most car wash businesses have turned to low flow machines because of their many advantages. Besides reducing water bills, these machines also reduce costs and labor associated with collection and disposal of dirty water. These machines are particularly useful if you need to clean cars in areas experiencing drought conditions.
  3. Portability: This is an important criteria if you run a mobile car wash business or need to clean a large fleet. Portable car wash machines are wheeled units, while these are lightweight.
  4. Drying Time: One of the drawbacks of using traditional carpet cleaning machines has been the extended time needed to dry the carpet. New models have certain mechanisms like low water consumption and high suction pressure to remove moisture almost completely from the carpet, reducing drying time to 2-6 hours.
  5. Wand: Aside from walk-behind carpet cleaners, all carpet cleaning machines are equipped with wands for cleaning carpets and upholstery. A carpet cleaner used for auto detailing should have a smaller wand than regular carpet cleaning wands. This helps the user clean all corners of the car, including seat edges, backrest, and under the seats. It should preferably be of stainless steel As this makes the wand durable and corrosion resistant.
  6. Storage Capacity: Large solution and recovery tanks facilitate longer work time.


Steam Cleaners


Steam cleaners use dry steam for dissolving dirt. After the application of steam, the dirt is scrubbed off with a detailing brush, squeegee, or microfiber towel. A portable steam cleaner offers additional car interior detailing by removing spots of grime, mold, and tiny food particles, among other residues, from dashboards, windshields, doorjambs, and more. High end mobile car wash equipment also removes pollen, bugs, pests, dust mites, dander, hair, and other allergens from the car interiors. Some steam cleaners are equipped with a special mechanism to kill bacteria. These machines are so effective that more than 99.9 percent germs are removed from the surface.

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