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This article is written to outline the importance of checking and changing the wiper blades on your used car.



Wiper blades are a very important safety feature of your used cars,Guest Posting as they ensure that you have permanent good visibility when you are driving in whatever weather conditions you may come across. Most vehicles are fitted with some form of wiper blades including Planes, Trains, Lorries and trucks and can be maintained professionally when you are having your vehicle serviced.

In 1903, Mary Anderson is credited with inventing the first operational windshield wiper. In Anderson's patent, she called her invention a window cleaning device for electric cars and other vehicles. Operated via a lever from inside a vehicle, her version of windshield wipers closely resembles the windshield wiper found on many early car models. Anderson had a model of her design manufactured. She then filed a patent (U.S. patent number 743,801) on June 18, 1903 that was issued to her by the U.S. Patent Office on November 10, 1903.

Firstly why should you go to your local service department to change your wiper blades?

Many road traffic accidents are related to poor visibility, with defective wiper blades a common cause. When your wiper blades become rough with an uneven service, they begin to spread accumulated dust and dirt on the windscreen. This extra soiling can reduce your visibility further. If wiper blades are very badly deteriorated, they can even scratch the windscreen on your used car. In addition, having ineffective wiper blades can cause your vehicle to fail an MOT inspection. By visiting your local service department when you feel your wiper blades are nearing the end, you can save the hassle of failing your MOT and saving you money, and by going to a local service department you can guarantee you are getting wiper blades to suit your vehicle and they are being fitted to the highest standard.

So now you know why you should replace your wiper blades, what about when you should replace them?

·         If you find streaks or smears on your windscreen after using your wipers

·         If the blades jerk or are noisy when used

·         If some areas of the windscreen are not being wiped correctly

·         If the wiper rubber is cracked or worn, or if the blade’s frame touches the windscreen


·         To ensure maximum visibility official guidelines state that you should think about visiting your local service department annually to get your wiper blades checked and replaced if it is necessary.

·          It is important that you ensure you use a good quality screen wash. You are likely to find the best quality brands from stores such as Halfords or your local service department. Having a good screen wash will not only reduce the risk of freezing in cold weather, but it will also help keep your windscreen clear all year round, therefore improving your visibility.

·         As stated before it is recommended that you go to your trusted local service department to have your wiper blades changed, as they will be using approved parts, they are highly trained and this will maintain your used cars resale value.

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