Advice on Servicing The Air Conditioning System In Your Used Car

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This article is written as a guide to help you when thinking of servicing your air conditioning system in your used car, and why you should do this.

Air conditioning systems were designed to make the driver of a car and their passengers travel more comfortably during the warm,Guest Posting humid and hot periods while travelling in the vehicle.

The first air conditioning that was made for a car was in 1933 when a company in New York offered the option to have an air conditioning unit installed in their new car as an optional extra and extra cost, this cost was at the time $247 USD, which in 2007 was around $4000 USD, so as you can imagine, this was usually only fitted in the more expensive cars with the wealthy drivers.

Many problems occurred with this option, and it was found that the unit was not very efficient, and was difficult to regulate having no thermostat or a shut off mechanism, it was also very large in size taking up half of the boot space, this option was discontinued by the car company in 1941.

It wasn’t until 1954, when the Nash Ambassador released a fully integrated air cooling, ventilation and heating system. This innovation was quickly adapted and by 1960 almost 20% of vehicles in the U.S had air conditioning units, and from there on air conditioning in cars became more and more popular and today nearly all cars have air conditioning as standard, but just how important is it to look after and service your air conditioning unit in your new or used car?

Here is why and how…

Air conditioning is essential for your comfort and can contribute to your safety. Its main purpose is to provide a comfortable environment inside your used car, regardless of the outside temperature. However, if your air conditioning system has been switched off for a while, who knows what it could be hiding?

Condensation in the pipe work combined with the heat from the engine of your used car creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. And it is not just unpleasant odours that you will have to suffer, your health could also be at risk and you could be affected with sore throats, sneezing and irritated eyes.

In addition to this, a used car that has an inefficient air conditioning system will use more fuel meaning that it will become more expensive to run!

So, why should you have your air conditioning checked in your used car?

If your air conditioning system isn’t checked and serviced regularly it can deteriorate, causing:

·          Increasing difficulty in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your used car

·          Musty or damp odours, as bacteria build up inside the system.

·          Windows constantly steaming up when it is damp outside

·         An escape of refrigerant gas, leading to inefficient operation and increased fuel consumption

I recommend an annual check for your used car, with a professional treatment to your air conditioning system, which will ensure optimum efficiency and inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes the unpleasant odours.

Most garages and professionals usually offer two levels ofservice, depending on whether you just want to check and cleanse your air conditioning or require a full air conditioning service, they include:

1.       Check & Treatment

This usually includes;

·         Heater control check

·         Internal blower speed check

·         Pollen filter check

·         Driver belt condition and tense check

·         Air conditioning treatment, which will neutralise any unpleasant odours and restrict they growth of any of the bacteria that can cause sneezing and sore throats.

2.       Full Service

This will include all the elements above plus;

·         Refrigeration gas is drained and renewed

·         Temperature of refrigerated air inside your used car is checked

·         System hoses, joints and components are checked

·         Cooling fan operation is checked

·         Replacement of oil within the system

I highly recommend that when you choose to have any of this work done on your used car, you have it carried out by and authorised dealer. Always speak to their customer advisers for pricing beforehand and make the booking through them. 

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