3 Effective Ways to Keep Your Trophies and Awards at Their Best

Apr 8


Alex Afford

Alex Afford

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This article helps you understand the various ways by which you can retain the quality of your awards and trophies.


Trophies and awards are a lifetime treasure indeed which people often keep with care and affection. They are the tokens of appreciation that demonstrate how much capable or efficient you are in a particular field or sport. Be it your most special award for the best employee of the month or the rugby trophies you won in your college years,3 Effective Ways to Keep Your Trophies and Awards at Their Best Articles they need to be kept in the right way to retain their quality and finish. Hence, you must look for valuable tips and tricks to restore the look and quality of the awards or trophies achieved by you so that you can keep on displaying them forever.

Here are some of the most effective ways being discussed.

Not to keep them in moist atmosphere

While selecting the space where you want to keep your awards and trophies for displaying them rightly, keep note of the fact that it does not have a considerable moisture content. You must avoid any kind of moisture-oriented spaces such as spa rooms, kitchens, wet basements that mostly encounter a lot of water leaks during the storms or rainfall. High moisture levels can cause damage to the metal portion of your trophies are awards due to rust as well as the wooden pieces which will start to warp.

Not to keep them in direct sunlight

Make sure you do not place your trophies or awards near to the windows of your room as they might damage while being exposed to direct sunlight. Awards or trophies are often coated with gold or silver chrome which, offer them a shiny finish. However, when being exposed to sunlight, this coating can flake away. Moreover, it is important for you to protect the trophy’s wooden base as well as because wood generally starts to fade away and dries out when being exposed to sunlight on regular basis.

Look for good chemical solvents

Chemical solvents are undoubtedly a good option when it comes to removing any kind of grimy accumulation on the trophies or awards. However, you must be very careful of not to use the wrong cleaner as it might end up in tarnishing the finish of the trophies. Any trophy or award losing its lustre means that it has manufactured with inferior quality materials. This is the reason you must check the compatibility of a chemical solvent for cleaning materials which won’t be harmful for the trophies and awards as well as remove the dirt and dust efficiently.

Wrapping up

Regular dusting and cleaning is always recommended when it comes to retaining the quality and lustre of the awards and trophies you have. Canned air is considered to be a great thing when it comes to removing dirt and dust from the indentations and crevices on your rugby trophies, corporate awards, or music awards easily. Keeping them clean and safe would certainly help you greatly in preserving the quality of your valuable tokens of appreciation so that you can showcase or flaunt them with pride and also feel good about yourself for your incredible accomplishments for many more years to come.