Chinese petroleum & chemical giants show interest in fine chemical industry

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As we all know, most of chemical products in petrochemical industry is in the state of overcapacity. China takes adjusting measures in most chemical products to achieve industrial transformation.

The chemical industry can not avoid the shuffle phenomenon. The development of some chemical industries will be given more opportunities. The chemical giants have long been aimed at fine chemical industry.

In the next five years,Guest Posting the adjusting focus of China fine chemical 10-hydroxydecanoic acid industry is in cooperation with foreign and independent innovation, promote the technical level, taking into account the total expansion of the restructuring, vigorously develop the high-performance products, increase of pesticides, GM paint, traditional dye, GM adhesives and traditional areas such as structural adjustment and the optimization and upgrading. Improve the total high-end fine chemicals, high-end areas of the investment concerns: special functional coatings and waterborne coatings, dyes, new varieties and industrial technology, chemical intermediates and green synthesis technology, electronic chemicals, high performance water treatment chemicals functional food additives, high-performance environmentally friendly flame retardant, high-performance rubber chemicals and environmentally friendly plastic additive.

In the past few years, Japan's national fine chemical rate the highest, followed by Germany, the United States, Japan, China. China's fine chemical rate is the lowest, however, until 2007, only China's fine chemical industry the highest rate, that is China's fine chemical output rose steadily year by year, China's fine chemical octylferrocene development of space is very large. Expected to 2015, fine chemical industry output value will reach 1.6 trillion RMB more than doubled in 2008, fine chemical self-sufficiency rate of 80% or more, enter the columns of fine chemicals States and a powerful country.

The fine chemical rate has become an important symbol measuring a country or region’s chemical industry development and chemical technology level. China proposed to focus on supporting the seven strategic emerging industries. It is also closely related to the fine chemical. Fine chemical products have been used in almost each new industry. Actively taking operation in the fine chemicals and chemical companies will evidently bring greater profit growth point. Therefore, China's chemical giants have taking operations in fine chemical industry. And the enterprises have different commissioning ways. Some put into operation by their own, some with the help of foreign aid together to create the fine chemical industry.


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