Hollywood got faith in punishment of harassers

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One of the hottest topics of town is #MeToo movement due to fire its has got from social platforms in past years. It was fuelled in Hollywood and spread to other corners of the world via social media which is always in discussions. 


Although Harvey Weinstein is going to face worst judicial trials and severe conditions for a longer period of time yet only a few Hollywood people have the instinct of robust punishment of harassers. The #MeToo movement has shaken the foundations of every industry by rising doubts on every person included in misbehaviours towards women.

The profound personality Anita Hill standing against sexual harassment

Anita Hill who has done a complete survey of how harassers will be treated? According to her survey,Guest Posting the chances are minute because people are less possibly taking this matter seriously. Though several people have lost their faiths in accountability of these condemned honours, yet a few are positive that the world will shift its direction towards conduction of serious tribunals against these to set an example for our forthcoming generations.

Anita Hill and many other expert writers of dissertation writing service have reclaimed that there is a certain fraction of society believes in improvement of things but mot has assumed that if they appeal for justice in any case, they will not get impartiality from anywhere because lack of liability though conditions are better nowadays as compared to last few years. Besides, people in Hollywood have faiths that there will be extreme vengeance from surroundings which will create complications and hurdles for smooth crackdowns against harassers. They argue that in the absence of stringent tribunal system how there can be any listeners for their complaints.

Alternatively, only about 10,000 people have answered in the true sense that only a few notorious harassers will be brought into the limelight by the group of society who are well-known and recognised all over the world. But it does not guarantee anything firm and comprehensive for victims looking forward to getting justice.

Hollywood commission 

In 2017, a Hollywood commission was brought into place against mischievous entities of society involved in sexual harassment. Most importantly, Weinstein initiated the never-ending debate and dispute of #MeToo when he was found to be guilty of sexual harassment. People reaction towards Weinstein misconduct was furious as everyone raised his voice for reprimanding such people of society who appeared as harassers. Anita Hill has been a permanent member of the commission since 1991 when she accused Clarence Thomas for sexually harassing her.

A famous survey for inculcating harassment responses among masses

The survey for acknowledging the responses of people was conducted on the internet in which 10,000 men and women took part and have given their consent about the matter.

It led to the creation of a stringent platform for raising voices against such misconducts of certain evil-minded people in our community. Moreover, the survey and its report have unlocked new and weird things for the community which were behind the curtain for previous years because there were no such discussion platforms earlier.

Some findings of the survey held by Anita Hill

The deficiency of liability has raised concerns about the punishment of abusers as 48% of people could experience a positive change in the system to reveal such harassment cases.

Most people about more than 40% have fears that they will be humiliated for telling atrocities which they have faced in life due to misconduct of black sheep of our society.

She responded to an interview by shedding light on the issue of sexual harassment and keep silence on this matter. She had given a clear message to all victims that it is time to stand for their rights and justice. She acknowledged that battling against evil is not a child’s play as it takes huge struggle and humiliation to stay on the track for a longer time.

Lack of a transparent reporting system

Every one is not getting the news to get to know about the surroundings as there have been no such efficient reporting systems. People are not exchanging the right amount of information and data to unveils certain mysterious and secrets of dark hidden truths. But there are only a few such systems willing to bring truth in front of the whole world so that everyone can comprehend the dark side of the world. 

Likewise, she distinguished that the system is biased to some extent which allows standers with huge personalities exerting massive authority as Weinstein had performed.

As per her sayings, power and authority have an obvious influence on the career of people in the industry. If some have strong backgrounds and support from the renowned faction, then surely he is likely to relish the fruits of being linked with a high authoritative representative for the time being. But rarely, you can find such people being brought forward for doing misconducts and being punished for what they have done.

The liability brings hopes for people

Hill has ascertained that the trust of people in our system gets upgraded as someone is being held liable for his doings because it creates a sense of calm and relief in the minds of people of society. Additionally, she has reminded the significance of surveys in our life and their role in pondering light on the most crucial matters of our world.

It came as surprising for Anita Hill that people who are willing to contribute to the success of Hollywood have still faith for improvement of the industry as they are always appreciating the true aspects of the industry. Furthermore, according to her such people are constantly carrying industry forward to spread its influence all over the world.

People who want to begin their careers in Hollywood know about difficulties and range of criticism under which they can come but still acknowledge the conduct of fair trials against evils of our society. But there are possibilities that there will be more percentage of people standing against sexual abusers to stop the cause of harassment in the society including Hollywood.

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