Chinese women are the world wealthiest billionaires

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do you want to be a rich woman? do you want to know why Chinese women are so rich. follow me.

According to Hoogewerf’s investigation,Guest Posting Chinese women are the wealthiest group in the world. World top 20 female billionaires who owned more than 1 billion dollars, unexpectedly 11 of them are coming from China. 65 years old Zong Qinghou owned 80 billion Yuan becomes the Chinese richest man.

Hoogewerf said: “this year, the average wealth of Chinese plute broke the world record in the history. And the following industries developed the fastest; they are medicine, IT, retail and clothing”.

Mr. Zong Qinghou increased 60 million Yuan during 3 days.

Mr. Zong with 80 billion Yuan in 2010, becomes to the Chinese richest man, this is the first time that the "beverage king" becomes to the country's richest man. Last year, Mr. Zong was ranked at 13th. The reasons of Mr Zong's big improvement include two sides: one is the company scale unceasingly expanding. The net profit was expected to reach 10 billion Yuan this year, one million every 3 working days on average. Secondly, Zong won the Danone lawsuits, after that he owned approximately 60% of company shares.

The status shows, 46 years old Li Li owned 400 million Yuan, he is the second richest person in China! 53 years old Zhang Yin is on the third place.

This report also shows, Chinese women are the world's wealthiest billionaires. This year, only 153 female billionaires on the board, but Zhang Yin and Wu Yajun owned 11.2% wealth of the total amount.

Hoogewerf said: "Chinese women entrepreneurs is absolutely the leader of world in creating wealth, no one can catch up with them."

Do you want to know why Chinese women are rich?
As we know, Wealth is created by our own hands. But sometimes, they are always collected by saving. Chinese women are always very diligent and thrifty. They never waste a cent on purchasing. I have a Chinese friend; she lived in America for several years. But her habit never changed, she also loves shopping, but every time she will choose the cheapest shop which offered the same items. Last weekend, she told me a surprising information, she find an online shop company, That shop offered a lot of items with the cheapest price and the competitive quantity. Also, they offered free shipping service. I believe she is right. So I prepare to have a try!

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