10 Important Things You Need to Know About Coworking Spaces

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Let's say you've decided to start a business and one of the options is opening a coworking space.

Coworking spaces are great because they allow workers from all walks of life to come together,Guest Posting collaborate, and create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. 

1) Coworking Spaces Promote Creative Synergy 

That kind of creative fusion wouldn't be possible without the opportunities afforded to freelancers and mobile workers via coworking spaces. Shared values and more opportunities for creative synergy are what it's all about. 

2) Coworking Spaces Produce Vitality and Learning 

It's true. The holy grail when organizing a 21st-century workspace is creating an environment conducive to thriving.

The Harvard Business Review found that "thriving" can be broken down into two components—a workplace environment that produces "vitality" and "learning."

Feeling passionate and having a high degree of vitality about the work that you're doing has an obvious payoff for engendering more passion and commitment down the line. 

Learning, too, is essential for creating a thriving collaborative workplace environment because it creates the foundations of technical expertise, future learning, confidence, and (indeed) passion and vitality.

3) Mobile Workers Will Thrive More Too 

Workers in coworking spaces simply thrive more, perhaps thanks in part to the fact that mobile workers, entrepreneurs and freelancers actually want to be there—as opposed to countless disgruntled salaried workers—and find their work highly meaningful. Don't believe it? Here's the empirical proof. 

4) Freelancers Gain a Sense of Community 

Coworking spaces facilitate a creative synergy as well as networking opportunities that, for instance, can lead to mentorships or funding opportunities.

For a freelancer looking for more work or entrepreneur with the next big idea but short on funds a coworking space can be a godsend. 

5) First-class Amenities on a Budget 

The majority of coworking spaces out there are membership-based. This simple fact has huge implications for the kinds of amenities that freelancers can expect. Can amenities like 24/7 security and concierge, cafes for networking, and bookable meeting rooms be affordable? 

Coworking spaces offer all of these amenities to even budget-constrained freelancers since those freelancers aren't footing the whole bill, so to speak, when they take advantage of coworking spaces.

By purchasing a membership to a coworking space, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent workers of all stripes can get in on a great thing that's already in motion.

It sure beats having to scour the real estate listings for prime locations in your area, applying for work permits, and enlisting the help of concierge services and baristas yourself! 

6) Attend Weekly Networking Events 

About a third of the U.S. labor force is categorized as independent workers nowadays, and that number could ascend to forty percent by 2020.

Coworking spaces can provide the framework for networking and client acquisition that put independent workers in touch with other passionate freelancers, leads, and customers. 

7) Unbeatable Locations, Low Sticker Prices 

Coworking spaces are often geographically situated in more upscale parts of town where deals get made. These spots would be hard to find and keep for most mortals. That's where coworking spaces come into play. 

A coworking space offers mobile workers the chance to affordably gain access to a modern, 21st-century office with all the accouterments. Most coworking spaces are fully furnished as well so you don't have to worry about lugging up desks, monitors, and printers. 

8) Allows for Franchising and Expansion 

Franchise brokers, franchise managers, franchise owners, or business owners thinking about giving franchising a shot really benefit from the interactive work environments that coworking spaces offer. 

9) Coworking Spaces Fit Your Schedule 

Workers choose the freelancing lifestyle because of its flexibility. All things being equal, freelancers get to choose the kind of work that they do, the people that they work with, and the hours that they log in every day.

You obviously also choose where to work, how to accept payment, and whether you're paid based on the job or hours logged. In short, people are attracted to freelancing for the options it gives them.

Coworking spaces fit perfectly into that narrative since you always have the option of whether you want to extend your membership and, if so, for how many more months.

Freelancers can even leave the answer open, determine whether their work will take them in different directions, and choose to extend their membership to the coworking space accordingly. 

10) Get Immediate Feedback on Ideas 

Sometimes you know when you have a great idea. Other times you need encouragement, redirection, or elaboration to take things to the next level. That's why having enthusiastic, like-minded freelancers nearby is really important! 

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