Make Your Children Proud: Investing in the Green Energy Sector Is Investing in the Future

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Green energy is an important industry in today's changing world. As fossil fuels run out, we are going to need efficient, sustainable energy sources to move forward. Adopting green energy is an invest...

Green energy is an important industry in today's changing world. As fossil fuels run out,Guest Posting we are going to need efficient, sustainable energy sources to move forward. Adopting green energy is an investment in the truest sense of the word: it is an expense now that will pay off later. 

The green energy sector is booming, and now is the time to invest. As the industry grows, there is more money to be made making and selling the tools to harness green energy. Keep reading to learn about this blossoming industry and the ways you can invest in it. 

A Blossoming Industry

The green energy sector is growing incredibly quickly. As global warming gets increasingly worse and the end of fossil fuels becomes imminent, the public is becoming interested in green, eco-friendly solutions. The most popular green energy solutions are solar, wind, and LED. 


Harnessing the power of the sun and converting it to energy is one of the easiest ways that commercial and residential buildings can use green energy. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, SEIA, solar energy is growing in popularity all the time. 

In 2015, there were 45% more photovoltaic panels installed than the year before, and this is expected to grow even more over time. Government subsidies, tax write-offs, and other incentives have encouraged people to invest in solar energy including solar panels and solar water heaters in commercial and residential areas. 


Wind energy is currently working hard to provide energy to a number of communities. Wind turbines are generating 19,500 megawatts of energy for the country. Even better? More than 1,000 of those megawatts were added in 2015 alone. 

Wind energy is growing almost as fast as solar. Projections that wind energy will increase by another 50% by the end of 2016 show just how important this method of clean energy is. Plans to build thousands of wind turbines between Texas and North Dakota are in motion; when these turbines are in place they will provide as much as 20% of the country's energy.


Perhaps the easiest way for the average home or business owner to use clean energy is to switch to LED lighting. LED—which stands for light emitting diode—is poised to take over the lighting world. In 2010, LED lighting only made up 0.3% of the entire lighting sector; by 2015 LED's share had risen to 18%. 

Popular in both residential and commercial spaces, the growth of LED lighting represents the general shift in attitudes about energy. As time goes on, more people are moving away from non-renewable sources in favor of renewable and sustainable energy. 

So How Do You Invest?

An investment in green energy is an investment in the future. Sustainable practices will have an effect on generations to come, making the planet healthier and stronger. But we can't ignore the appeal of the money savings or earnings involved in investing in this industry. 

Using green energy sources in your own home or business or even starting a green energy company of your own are all ways to invest in this industry. 

Purchase Green Energy Sources

The easiest investment in renewable energy is obtaining green solutions for your own home or business. Solar panels, residential wind turbines, and even things like energy efficient windows will all save money on energy costs. 

Start a Business

The green energy industry is growing, and starting a business can be a great way to capitalize on that. Some savvy entrepreneurs will start their own companies, investing in knowledge and supplies to make the business work. 

Another option is to find an energy saving franchise and invest in a company that has a record of success. There are a number of renewable energy franchise opportunities that provide education, resources, and proven practices to help enterprising individuals join this booming industry. 

The renewable energy industry marks an important turning point in society. Just like the industrial revolution changed nearly everything within society, the green technology surge is sure to make similar changes. The future is now, and investing in sustainability affects the present and the future. 

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