7 Types of Rotating Racks for Your Countertop Displays

Jul 4


Terry Keenan

Terry Keenan

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Normal 0 Whether it’s a candy store, hotel, or yogurt shop, nearly every kind of business has a countertop, and each one that does has a need for coun...

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Whether it’s a candy store,7 Types of Rotating Racks for Your Countertop Displays Articles hotel, or yogurt shop, nearly every kind of business has a countertop, and each one that does has a need for countertop displays. Of course, with countertop displays come countertop display racks, and many store owners choose to use rotating display racks on their countertops for two reasons:

  1. When the merchandise is located on a countertop, rotating racks offer customers much more convenience. Customers can easily spin the racks to see all the items for sale.
  2. Revolving racks allow store owners to showcase much more merchandise than do fixed position racks with just one side of space for merchandise.

Below are seven of the most common and useful racks you can use for your countertop displays.

1. Wooden Display Racks

Rotating wooden racks for countertop displays are excellent fixtures for organizing and showcasing small items. The wooden baskets act like buckets and provide ideal amounts of space for merchandise such as small children’s toys, bags of candies or other treats, or convenience items such as eyeglass repair kits, all-in-one tools, lighters, travel-sized manicure sets, and key chains.

Most establishments that use wooden display racks are retail businesses such as convenience stores, candy stores, toy stores, and bookstores, though other kinds of businesses, like hotels and motels, can use wooden racks to create displays on their countertops, too.

2. Pegboard Display Racks

Rotating pegboard racks for countertop displays generally come in two varieties: flat racks with two display sides and box-style racks with four display sides. Store owners can display items on pegboard racks using several different kinds of accessories including pegs or “hooks” from which to hang items, pegboard trays, pegboard buckets, and divider bins.

3. Spinner Display Racks

Spinner racks for countertop displays are available with several spinning “levels” for hanging merchandise. Spinner racks are generally quite small (when compared to other kinds of rotating countertop racks) and ideal for businesses with little countertop space to work with – and small, hanging items to showcase!

4. Turntable Cereal Dispensers

Turntable cereal dispensers are ideal for any business that sells breakfast foods such as cafeterias, restaurants, and specialty food shops like bagel shops and yogurt shops, as well as hotels and motels that offer continental breakfasts. Of course, these establishments as well as other kinds of businesses can use turntable dispensers to organize and display other kinds of edible items like wrapped and unwrapped candies.

These turntables are available with several tubes of various sizes and with handles attached so customers can easily access the food items.

5. Post Card Display Racks

Revolving post card racks for countertop displays do just what their name suggests – helps you organize and display post cards on your counter! These racks are ideal for businesses in the travel and hospitality industries, such as hotels and motels, as well as other common businesses in tourist areas such as souvenir shops.

6. Earring Card Display Racks

Similar to post card racks, revolving earring card racks for countertop displays have a pretty straightforward name; however, earring racks can also display other kinds of items fixed to cards such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair clips.

7. Tiered Display Racks

Revolving tiered racks for countertop displays usually provide two or three “tiers,” or flat spaces, spin for customers’ convenience. Some tiered racks include special trays for holding items, such as tester bottles of cosmetics, perfumes, or colognes. Because of the variety of options they offer, these racks are great for several different kinds of business including gift shops, welcome centers, and cosmetics counters.