A Quick Look At Adjustable Wrenches

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When you are planning a home improvement project or a major do-it-yourself project, having the right tools on hand before you start will save you a lot of time. It will also make the job go much easier when you do not have to stop what you are doing to go an purchase more tools. There is a staple of the tool kit or home improvement tool shed that is a "must have" for the person who does any types of repairs at home. There are basically three types of adjustable wrenches. In most cases, homes have one of these types of wrenches, however, many people are finding that having one of each of the varieties is a great asset when something breaks in the house.

The adjustable end.

or crescent wrench is the most popular wrench made and most homes have one. These wrenches are available in multiple sizes,Guest Posting but most homes have a standard 1 1/2" wrench that works with just about any pipe or faucet that breaks in the home. When a person has a small or large job, they can find a great crescent wrench that will help them complete the job. The identifying factor of this wrench is the angled jaw that has a fifteen degree angle perpendicular from the handle.

Many people who have weak wrists or hands will often use two crescent wrenches to get the grip that can be used effectively using opposing resistance. When the wrench is locked into place, it will not release which makes it very easy to use on a broken pipe, faucet, etc.

When using the wrench, it is possible to lock it in place and use resistance power to release a stuck fixture or close a broken faucet. Once locked, the wrench holds in place with the gripping jaws found in the head of the wrench.

The monkey wrench is also know as gas grips. This is an old type wrench and has a long straight handle. It is most commonly seen in use on large projects and the forged metal of the tool makes it very durable. The handle of the tool is smooth and the size of the gripping jaw can vary. Some of the tools are made big enough to grip a three inch pipe. The gripping faces of the tool are perpendicular to the handle.

The pipe wrench, is also called a Stillson wrench. This wrench is used by plumbers and other individuals who work with utility pipes. These wrenches are very similar to the monkey wrench but are narrower. They also have self-tightening properties that make them ideal for working with the small pipes found in homes. The hard serrated jaws of the wrench grip securely to a pipe or pipe fitting and in many cases, are able to be pulled with full body weight when removing a pipe from a fitting.

Choosing the type of tools that you need when completing a home improvement project will be very easy when you know what you will be doing with the tools. When you will be working with small pipes, adjustable wrenches will be a great choice. If you will want the gripping power of a pipe wrench or the larger monkey wrench, you will be able to find it easy when you look at a site that offers a variety of wrenches for your needs.

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