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Brian Tracy, in his article, Eight Great Ideas for Multilevel Marketing, gives us a clear way to evaluate MLM opportunities. Using his criteria, I have looked at several MLM companies and I would like to give you the results!

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I have taken from my Hero Brian Tracy his article Eight Great Ideas for Multilevel Marketing and have started reviewing MLM or networking companies based on his eight great Ideas. So here we go with the first one Tastefully Simple.

Look for Quality Products Brain says: If you're looking at a multi-level marketing opportunity,Guest Posting here are eight key considerations.

Brain says Key One: Look for a multi-level business which has, number one, quality products with a good reputation. Never waste your time trying to sell anything that is not of excellent quality. Quality products is the starting point of your success in business. No successful business can ever be built on an average or mediocre product.

Dr Robin says: Becoming a product sold with the Tastefully Simple label is a long process. You have to pass the test with the consultants at nationals and at home parties. Only the best make the cut. You can't be gourmet if you aren't the best!

Check the Prices Against Competition Brain says: Number two, look for a company that has prices that compare favorable with the competition. Remember, nobody's going to pay more for your product or service if they can get the same or equivalent somewhere else at a lower price. So check the price comparisons.

Dr Robin says: There is very little competition in this business, but, for the few other companies that are out there, our prices are at least as good if not better. Our spices are a particularly good value. They are so full of flavor that you do not need to use a lot at one time, but you will want to use them often!

The Money Back Guarantee Brian says: The third thing you look for is a 100 percent unconditional money-back guarantee. In other words, the product must be so good and the company must stand behind it so strongly that they're willing to give a 100 percent refund guarantee on anything that they sell. That's a very good rule for starting and building any business.

Dr. Robin says: Tastefully Simple has a money-back guarantee on everything they sell.

Low Or No Inventory Required Brian says: The fourth key in finding a multi-level marketing opportunity is that there should be a small or zero inventory requirement. You should be able to get into a multi-level marketing business with very little money. Not more than a hundred dollars.

Dr. Robin says: There are no inventory requirements with Tastefully Simple.

The fifth requirement is that the company provides prompt delivery and efficient internal bookkeeping Brain says: A multi-level marketing business that's well-organized will be able to deliver your products within 24 or 48 hours for you to sell, or deliver to your customers. They'll also take very good care of the books and give you accurate financial statements each month.

Dr. Robin says: At Tastefully Simple, all products are shipped directly to your clients. All statements, listing of orders, downline reports and a variety of other summaries is always available online.

Strong Support Organization Brain says: A sixth thing to look for is a strong support organization. This is perhaps as important, if not more important, than anything else. Look for a support organization that will offer you training, that will give you seminars on product knowledge, that will give you motivation, and give you opportunities for personal and business development.

Many people who have started with multi-level marketing companies have gone on to be very successful in their own businesses because of the training they got from the multi-level company. If the company doesn't have a training system, try to find a company that does.

Dr. Robin says: These opportunities abound with Tastefully Simple. There are multiple training calls on multiple topics each week. National and regional conferences are affordable and accessible. There are also regional training held. Leaders provide local support as well as team meetings. If you are far away from your down line, you can still stay connected through My Family websites, training calls, and personal attention.

A Company to Be Proud Of Brian says: The seventh factor that you require is honesty and integrity. Make sure that the parent company has an impeccable reputation in the marketplace. Remember it has to be a company that you can be proud of. You should never have to make excuses for the company you're working for.

Dr. Robin says: Tastefully Simple is a company that has been built around its consultants. From the CEO was the first consultant to the various advisory committees, this company really knows how to show appreciation. Incentives, gifts, recognition all abound. The CEO, Jill Blashak Strayhan has been recognized for both her business savvy and the company's success. Tastefully Simple is ranked as one of the top companies for women in the country

Consumable Products Brian says: Number eight is that products should be consumable, leading to reorders and repeat business. You should try to sell a product that people use up on a regular basis, so that if they're happy with it, they'll continue to reorder and reorder and reorder. And once you get a customer, sometimes you can have a customer for years.

Dr. Robin says: Tastefully Simple is food! Need we say more!!! Everyone eats and these products are great around the house as well outstanding gifts. With direct shipping, shopping is a breeze!

Action Exercises Brain says: Here are two things you can do if you are considering a multi level marketing opportunity:

First, look for a product that you really like, use and enjoy yourself personally. You can only sell something to someone else if your heart is in it. And if your heart is in it you will enjoy using the product yourself.

Dr. Robin says: we use Tastefully Simple products in our house A LOT. The products are great if you like to cook since there are hundreds of variations (and thousands of recipes online), but they are great if you don't like to cook. Using Tastefully Simple products will allow you put delicious food on the table with very little time or effort and no talent!

Second, look for a product that has something new or special that makes it different and better than any other similar product in the market today. The number one reason that any product fails is because it is not superior to and different from the competition.

Dr. Robin says: Tastefully Simple products have survived the test of time. From our standard products that have been around for 12 years and still going strong to new items introduced each season, each product brings its own taste and variety to your table. There is something for everyone with Tastefully Simple!

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