Absolute freedom with control, what a magic

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Corporate must learn to bring a culture of absolute freedom with control in their corporate.  To know the meaning of the above, they can learn from earth

Many corporate employees get wedded to the organization.  They will find it very difficult even to imagine a life without or beyond the organization.  Is it good to be like that?  They believe that their ‘freedom and control’ fall within the premises of the organization.  Should such an organization be proud of as it is treated as the meaning and existence of life by some employees?  What type of culture the corporate should emulate and inculcate?  Whether the culture should be a culture of bondage & binding or freedom & independence?  Is freedom means no control?

The best example,Guest Posting the corporate should draw from nature or even more specifically so is from the way the earth functions or maintains its statuesque.  We all know that the earth is a mega magnate and will attract everything towards it.  The magnetic power of the earth is what called gravitation or gravitational pull.  Any magnate for that matter, forcefully attract the object when is near and tend to attract the same object weakly when it is away from it.  Once the object comes near to the magnate, the magnate and the object get stuck to each other.  Because of the magnetic pull only all the objects when moves upward comes down to earth.

How the magnetic power of the earth has something to do with the employees in a corporate?  Certainly a lot of relationship between the two can be derived from the above example.  No object on earth gets stuck to earth because of the gravitational or magnetic force of the earth.  Every object, be it small or big, be it animate or inanimate, could move freely on the surface of the earth. Even a gentle breeze can move things on earth. When they go gently above the earth’s surface, it can go freely but the moment it looses its grip or control, will fall back on the earth.  The gravitation force is effective only to draw the object towards it.  Once the object reached the earth’s surface, the magnetic force becomes null and void.

The earth also allows things to move to other planet.  It never holds onto something or denies freedom and movement to anything. Do the modern corporate learned or observed this amazing law of earth?  Freedom and control/binding is the functioning law of earth. Earth gives freedom to move around it, run around, go against its gravitational pull, even escape from its magnetic force and reach the orbital velocity, earth will never impede your journey.  It is your freedom so you may choose to do whatever you want.  But if you fail, you shall fall on me and I am there to grab you is the philosophy of earth.

What a profound message the physical law of nature conveys to the biological system (mankind)?  How corporate define the freedom of its people.  How the employees define their life within the four walls of the organization.  Is this example sufficient enough to educate the true definition of freedom and control?  We may assume that control is always denial of freedom or opposite of freedom.  In truth, the circumference of freedom is nothing but control.  ‘Have a control means give freedom’ should be the culture every corporate should strive to create in the corporate.     

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