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Urumqi Customs have seized a batch of clothing involved in the infringement of Adidas's intellectual property rights recently. But the officers at the customs said that the reason lay in the lack of proof of the use of the trademarks. As to this,Guest Posting relevant experts reminded that consumers should buy regular products to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by infringement.

Lately, Urumqi customs has ferreted out a bunch of clothing which were suspected to violate the copyright of Adidas, at present, this batch of goods has been sealed to buckle.

The station reporter Luo Ting said: "The coat I'm on whether from design or trademark are almost the same as those Adidas clothes circulating on the current market. But this batch of clothes was of the greatest value in the cases that Urumqi customs researched in recent years, which is related to the violation of the intellectual property rights."

The station office inspection section Chief Wang Kaijun of Urumqi Customs officers said: "On July 17, the customs uncovered a large number of Adidas clothing when it carried out a regular inspection on a batch of clothes which applied for the export to Kazakhstan, but the he parties could not provide proof of the use of the trademark, so the customs gave a short duration buckles for their involvement in infringement of intellectual property rights, the number of the packages was about more than 12000 pieces worth about RMB 1.2 million."

In the first half of 2012, Urumqi Customs discovered a total of 54 of all kinds of intellectual property, worth 2.442 million Yuan, an increase of 525.67%; confiscated infringing goods 65900In the last 6 months of 2012, Urumqi Customs seized a total of 54 various types of intellectual property cases, worth 2.442 million Yuan, an increase of 525.67%; confiscated infringing goods 65900.

Urumqi Customs Regulations Office staff Zhao Jianbang said: "the first class may be clothing which accounts approximately about 30% of the overall caseload, another type is the electronic products which can also reach 20%. Cases like passengers carrying, mailing infringement are more serious, accounting for about 60% of the overall amount."

Ordinary people are often unable to identify the infringing goods, and in the departure of the infringing goods they carry them when purchasing entry and exit, for this, the experts advise to purchase goods in the regular stores as far as possible and retain proof of purchase at the same time.

Urumqi Customs Regulations Office staff Zhao Jianbang said: "You should not expect to spend 10 dollars to buy the genuine stuff on a market of 100 dollars, a correct consumer psychology is that the formal invoice should carry with care so that it's an important proof when the custom is inspecting good."

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